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  1. thanks hecker. most sites do provide the embed code, and for those that don't, a simple link will have to do!
  2. thanks. for youtube etc, this works fine. however, it doesn't work for all sites, like youpr0n for example. i think some sites block you from doing this. any suggestions for sites that don't give you the embed code?
  3. can anyone help me with html code to embed flash video from external site on my own site. I know youtube provides the embed code, but many other sites do not. so if i wanted to embed the following video http://www.example.com/coolvid.flv on my own site or blog, is it possible? I almost found a solution here but it doesn't work, http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=embedding_flash any suggestions much appreciated.
  4. i know, i have a problem. i should become an apple devotee, PC users are idiots. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86816
  5. as i said, not going to try to convince you of anything. you have already exposed your ignorance in your statements to date.now, write one final childish reply, and we'll call it a day.rod,I am not a mac guy, trust me. just read maddox's homepage, the entry about macs. but i do love playing with different operating systems, particularly *nix. how's your new system treating you anyway?
  6. i am not going to repeat myself anymore. anyone reading this thread will have enough intelligence to decide for themselves. You think typing your password is more along the lines of interacting with the GUI, simply a feature. I think it is related to the concept of root user in unix environment, which i argue is related to the structure of the OS. let's agree to disagree. You think market share has nothing to do with there being virtually no viruses on Mac OS X? Correct?
  7. here is what i said in my original post: and in response to this you just said now, look at the quote of my post above. I make two points. 1. market share 2. having to type your password. I have explained this repeatedly, but you keep dismissing it, and pretending not to understand, so that you will not have to admit you jumped the gun and were wrong. just in case you can demarcate the two points from the post above, once again, let me do it for you. first point (market share): second point (OS structure) talking about market share, you said you repeatedly deny that i talked about structure in my first post i have clearly answered this question several times. about root user having full control, which means you need to sudo: i know it has nothing to do with market share. but it has something to do with the foundation, or structure, or whatever you want to clasify UNIX root user philosophy as. you are disagreeing with it, About me mentioning structure in my first post the word "structure" has become the foundation of your argument (no pun intended). so what if i didn't use the word "structure". that word only came up after your post responding to my post. it doesn't take away the fact that 1. market share was not all i mentioned 2. i mentioned typing your password, which is inherently linked to the structure of the OS, not "along the lines of the user interacting with the interface than anything. It is one feature among thousands." sucks to be wrong, i know, but the sooner you can accept it and move on the better, it shows character.
  8. now you are back pedaling a little i see, not quite as verbal as before. please, continue to imply people such as myself are "idiots", and educate us, we need it professor. and that is ALL you quoted me on. when I corrected you, noting that I ALSO mentioned structure in first post, you accused me of waffling, saying "market share or structure, which is it?" I believe that market share is ONE of the reasons. another reason is the structure, as i mentioned in the part about having to type your password in the GUI, use sudo at command line etc. Now, you claim typing your password is nothing to do with the structure.... no, as i said already, it is the concept that root user has full control of the system, and therefore potential to do damage. ordinary users do not. this is called user and group hierarchy. look up hierarchy in the thesaurus, i'm sure you'll find that structure is a synonym for hierarchy. i acknowledged the structure of the OS in my very first post, and repeatedly explained how typing your password is related to structure of OS. please, feel free to continue to dispute this. it will delay the discussion of your BSD comments. i can't wait for that bit. you are digging yourself deeper man. i invite you to move onto the next point when this one is closed or agreed upon.
  9. well at least you seem to have a sense of humor....either that or a god complex (often found in smug mac users who think they are immune to certain aspects of technology, lol) anyway, let's take one point at a time.... In my first post on the topic of viruses, I said the above quote is what i claimed was related to the structure of the OS, not the market share statement. elaborating on this in a subsequent post, I said you claim I made no reference to the structure of the OS. please defend your statement. eagerly awaiting your reply good sir.
  10. thank you for proving my point. i love how you just ignore things I say. nothing can persuade you because you are obviously biased. I didn't use the word structure. "show use here you used the word structure". i may not have used that exact word but the point is the same, it is relating to the structure of the os: the fact that only root user or sudoer has potential to do real damage. this is unix concept,, carried over via BSD. the guy asking the question is new to mac os, i am hardly going to start explaining about root account, sudo etc. my point is relating to the structure of the system even though i didn't use that word. technically, practically, whatever. mac's can get viruses. end of argument. you ignore my point about needing to pay 1000 dollars plus to get access to OS X until the intel transition. things might change now. NeXt was based on BSD. no disputing this. i commend apple for this choice. but Berkeley deserve credit too. many viruses are mutants. you say many are not. brilliant argument. you really disproved my point that mutants add to the number of threats. my original post was unbiased. you're is completely biased. you even sneak in a stab at microsoft. don't get me wrong i used every os i can get my hands on. but i do not buy into this {censored} that macs are so secure and virus free.
  11. 1. yes, if you hadn't cherry picked a sentence from my reply, the quote would reflect that i was acknowledging the structure of the OS has a lot to do with it too. 2. yes apple know that the structure of the OS plays an important role in relation to susceptibility to viruses, so they took core components of BSD, a notoriously secure system, and then try to take credit for it, supported by protoges like you. 3. how are people going to write viruses for a platform that you need to pay $1000 plus to get access to? (well at least until recently) 4. Many windows viruses are replicas / mutants edited by script kiddies 5. many virus writing tutorials cover windows more so than other systems. also, kits to develop viruses for Windows, without any programming knowledge 5. Month of apple bugs.
  12. Encryped disk image linux

    thanks dude
  13. Welcome! Mac OS X 10.4 has a built in firewall. Go to system preferences, click "Sharing", then the firewall tab. As for virus, there are anti virus programs available for mac (search this forum or google), but i personally don't have one installed. Many idiots say things like "macs can't get viruses" (even ignorant sales people). this is not true. macs can get viruses, but since the market share of mac users is so small, the vast majority of viruses affect windows. recently, there was what was called by some the first mac virus (called 'Leap' something i think), which propogated via ichat. however, for a mac program to do any real damage, you will be first prompted to type your password before an application can make potentially damaging changes to your system (unlike Win XP etc), so this adds a level of security. I also believe (correct me if i'm wrong) that MS Office documents can carry macro virus from windows across to macs which have the mac version of office installed. ClamAVX is reportedly a good free antivirus, based on open source anti virus program. not sure if it has real time protection though?? Anyway, Google, read, learn, and make your own decision as to how much security you need. a bit of common sense goes a long way in relation to viruses/spyware etc.
  14. Hi rodluvan, Switching to mac takes a little getting used to, but you'll pick it up quickly, believe me. As for your questions... it's a typo, he/she means "drag". with some applications, there is an installer package, with others, you simply drag the icon to wherever you want (usally /Applications folder). I presume you mean the dock (the bar across the bottom of the screen with icons. Just drag the icon from /Applications directly onto the dock to make a shortcut. drag it off to remove the shortcut, it won't delete the applications from it's orginal place. In accounts within system preferences, click the lock at the bottom left and you'll be prompted for your password. then click the "+" sign above that lock to add an account. VLC, or Divx Player for mac. ??? delete underneath the help key? Try reading the Apple help pages online, or click the Help menu in an application. Mac OS X help is very good. Also try reading other websites by googling stuff, there are a lot of good pages with tips etc. Hope this helps.
  15. Encryped disk image linux

    sorry to bump. anyone have any info on the best way to encrypt the entire contents of a folder under linux? preferably not each file individually, but something like a mountable writable image file?