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2 phisical hdd: 1st osx : 2nd Win8

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on my notebook I have 2 phisical hdd:


on the first one I have a working snow leopard hackintosh.


I'd like to install windows 8 on 2nd phisical hdd but installer says that is unable to create a new partition (I think the problem is on osx 1st disk)



Is there a way to get working both osx and win8 on two separate hdd?


thank you

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The problem is likely because the OS X disk is first in the boot order. Change the drive order in the BIOS so the drive you want to install Windows to is first. That should get Windows installed.


I have Win7 and OS X dualbooting on this PC from separate drives. I load OS X from the Windows boot manager with boot0md from Chameleon. Here's instructions on how to add the entry to the Windows 7 menu. I don't know if this is the same for Windows 8 however. First copy boot0md from Chameleon to the root of your C: drive and then run these bcdedit commands in the command prompt:


bcdedit /create /d "Mac OS X" /application bootsector


This will return a {ID}


bcdedit /set {ID} device boot


bcdedit /set {ID} path \boot0md


bcdedit /displayorder {ID} /addlast

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Thank you Riley for you reply.


Unfortunately my hp notebook bios has no option to change boot order of hdd :(


There is only a generic notebook hard drive in boot order list.


Hope there is another way than physical inversion of internal hard disks :help:

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I'm not too familiar with notebook BIOS setups. If swapping the boot order is out, perhaps you could clone the Snow Leopard install onto the second hard disk. Then you can erase the first disk and install Windows onto it.


Carbon Copy Cloner or even Time Machine can do this. You may need to reinstall Chameleon to get it bootable again. Test it to make sure everything is working OK and then you can erase the first disk and install Windows.


That's what I'd do. But there might be a better way.

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