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    yosemite random freezes

    added a copy of ioreg in my previous post. thank you
  2. Hi guys, cannot figure why my Yosemite sometimes runs smoothly for hours, sometimes gets stuck after few seconds or few minutes after boot. Pointer freezes and I can only force reboot using reset button on pc case. Anyone had the same issue? I attached a copy of my console messages and also a copy of ioreg. (anyone able to see if something is missing or wrong in my system logs) ? Please help. Thank you all messages.log.zip ioreg.zip
  3. truztruz

    Making Geforce Gt640 working in Haswell

    Ok, I have made a fresh Yosemite install, also installed latest Nvidia web drivers. Now system always boots fine (no more different behaviours like before), however sometimes I got random system and pointer freezes, so I have to force reboot. Any solution for this ? Thank you again
  4. truztruz

    Making Geforce Gt640 working in Haswell

    Are latest nvidia web drivers compatible with gt 640 cards? Last week I tried to install them but on boot I got black screen and no signal on monitor. Thank you
  5. truztruz

    Making Geforce Gt640 working in Haswell

    bad news here..... it seems that it was a temporary solution... my system is very unstable, sometimes boots hangs up, sometimes grey screen, sometimes black screen with no signal, sometimes pointer freeze....., sometimes boots correctly. these are random behavoiurs without changing anyting in bootflags or kext Please help. May I've missed something to get Gt640 work correctly in yosemite? tnx
  6. truztruz

    Making Geforce Gt640 working in Haswell

    It works, thank you !!!!
  7. Hi, it seems that my nvidia gt640 video card, that works OOB in Maveriks, doesn't want to work in Yosemite. Tried different flags in Chameleon but nothing. Yosemite only boots whith "nv_disable=1". Can't get full acceleration. Please Help Tnx
  8. Hi, I have a 2tb seagate internal HDD with 3 partitions: 1) 500 gb Mavericks 2) 500 gb free 3) 1tb free The problem is that randomly 2nd partition gets corrupted and I have to use diskwarrior to restore it. Today I had another problem, on my 1st partition where Mavericks is installed, I can no more paste files as I get an error of disk full (but I ave 300 gb free !!!!) and at the same time internet connection doesn't work anymore. I don't understan if is a fisical disk problem (but seatools doesn't find errors on disk), or if is an hardware incompatibility that needs some kext to be installed. Please help tnx
  9. Hi, anyone knows how to install both wineasio and jack on mavericks? Tryed some guides found on the web but with no success. Thank you for your help !
  10. seatools used and no problems were found on my disk It seems that restoring my previous installation from old 120 Gb HD to new 4k 2TB drive, created some sort of bad writing bug or something similar. Crossing fingers as problem seems now solved. Thank you for your help.
  11. ok, done a new fresh install of mavericks again and followed fusion71 au instructions. now osx starts and also bootloader seems to work fine. I think now it's time to test my hdd with some good diagnostic software in order to check if all is fine. Could you please suggest me a good one, showing bad sectors, mechanical / spinning problems etc.. Thank you !
  12. after copying boot1h.. now error shows like this: boot0: GPT boot0: GPT boot0: GPT boot0: error I have one 2tb disk with 3 journaled partitions and 1tb disk mbr with windows 8 help
  13. I tried to do a fresh install of mavericks...... now I get the following error on boot after Chameleon install. Loading Operating System … boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error Could this be related to my previous problems??
  14. I already created a 500gb journaled partition on new 2tb hd and osx has been copied there. It is so strange.. everything worked fine on previous disk. Should I try to upgrade to 10.9.4 ?
  15. To clone my hdd I used maverick usb installer, so I restored osx installation from old 160gb to new 2tb hdd using disk utility. Have I made something wrong? Why mavericks corrupts my new osx partition when I try to manage large files? thank you