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Hey everyone!


I just wanted to let people know that I have been put in charge of cleaning up the Downloads section a little bit. I'm not removing any files, but am simply trying to establish good archiving practices in terms of download names, as well as doing some work on the SEO of the text descriptions. If you see something change in the way you submitted it, this is probably the reason. If I change something in error, please let me know. A good example of what I am doing is changing titles so that they will match official product descriptions, i.e.:


Submitted: DSDT for MSI Z77 G45 Motherboard

Fixed: MSI Z77MA-G45


Just little things like adding the manufacturer name first, removing redundant words in titles, that sort of thing. My goal is to make it the most non-taxing repository to search for hackintosh-related files. I love OSx86.net, but searching through their database gives me heartburn :D


Just thought I would announce this here, rather than have people scratching their heads as to why the title of their submission changed!


EDIT: Forgot to add - if I modify your file, it's nothing personal!

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