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i5 3470 stuck at 3.37Ghz (Must reach 3.6Ghz?)


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Hi people,


I just made a 10.8.3 clean install on a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3 with a Intel i5 3470.

According to Intel, this micro run at 3.2Ghz and up to 3.6Ghz in turbo boost with multiplier of 36x, but "about this mac" shows 3.39Ghz and with HWMonitor I see speedstep is working well but only reach 3.37Ghz with a multiplier of 34x.


Is there a way to reach 36x of multiplier? Do I need to use SSDT?



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Hello! I have the same problem with my cpu. (i5 3470) I tried with ssdt but no luck. Stuck at 3,4 Ghz. Smc monitor shows all of the p and c states but i just get16x 32x and thats it. I tried with a lot of smbios as well. If i disable EISt in bios  about this mac shows 3,59 ghz and still stuck  at x34. If EIST is on auto the max speed is just x32. What should i do? Thank you! 

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All steps to have SpeedStep in Sandy or Ivy CPU

*Run in terminal this script to creat a SSDT:

curl -o ssdtPRGen.sh https://raw.github.com/Piker-Alpha/RevoBoot/clang/i386/libsaio/acpi/Tools/ssdtPRGen.sh
chmod +x ssdtPRGen.sh

Save as SSDT


*Patch AICPUPM: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=34


*Active DropSSDT in org.chameleon...


*Remove NullCPUPM


*Remove P and C States from org.chameleon...


About frequence... Show how 3.39 instead of show how 3.4. You need do a little SMbios edit, with Chameleon Wizard you can adjust it(3.39 to 3.40) 3400

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