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Dual Boot 10.8.3 & Windows 8 from one drive?


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Lot's of questions here about both Hackintosh and OS X in general


Current setup:

120 GB SSD - Windows 8

1 TB Western Digital HD

Partition 1 - ~800 GB NTFS Pure Data for Win 8 (movies, music, etc... no software runs off of this partition)

Partition 2 - ~ 200 GB OS Partition running 10.8.3


Ideally I'd like to Partition the SSD and run both Win 8 and OS X from it.


As for the 1TB Data drive, I'd like to do the following:


1) Modify the exiting partitions so that they are equal, ~ 500GB NTFS and 500 GB for OS X. I don't mind erasing and reforming the OS Partiton since I'll be reinstalling OS X on the SSD but I'd like to keep the NTFS partition intact, just because I have a ton of media on it. Can this be done? If so, how? What software would you suggest using?


2) Currently my 10.8.3 is running PERFECTLY and I'd rather not go through the hassle of having to reinstall it from scratch on the SSD. Is it possible to clone my current OS X install to the SSD? (I will obviously have to format it, losing Windows in the process. I don't mind this as I plan on reinstalling Windows anyway. Is this possible? If so, what software should I use? (Carbon Copy cloner?)


3) Dual Booting Windows and OS X from the same drive. What's the process for doing that? Can it be done? Which OS should I install first? Please walk me through the process or point me in the direction of a tutorial that explains the process.

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So for #2 and #3...


1) Format and partition the SSD as needed.

2) Install Windows 8

3) Clone OS X from current drive to new Partition on the SSD

4) Install Chameleon to the new OS X partition using the current (non-cloned) version of OS X

5) Boot into the new partition of OS X

6) Profit?


Chameleon will act as bootloader for Windows and OS X?

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