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Triple Boot Enhancements


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I have a triple boot Toshiba U205-S5002:


XP, Vista, OSX


OSX clearly sees the XP and VISTA volumes on the desktop.


File retrieval works 100%.


I'm aware that OSX doesn't like NTFS much so writing to those drives is currently not possible.


However, is there a way to create shortcuts (aliases) FROM XP/VISTA volumes ONTO OSX DESKTOP?


m41k had me try a few things but nothing worked. I'm looking for a solution that bypasses data duplication.


Anyone have any ideas?


All help is greatly appreciated.

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Open a window that shows the XP/Vista file icon.


Click on the icon and drag it to the OSX Desktop, while holding down both the Command-Option keys.


Note: because you are in OSX, double clicking on the alias won't run any XP/Vista apps, but should open documents like Word, Excel, text, PDF, etc.

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If you lived near me, I'd buy you a beer!


I can only hope one day to earn your respect! :(


In another thread technosaints says this:


Now, Ctrl (W) is mac Control key. Windows Start Key is now Opt Key, Alt key is now Command key.


Seems to have worked thanks to both of you for the help!

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