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A review on Dell Support.


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Hi all,


I did it again, i wrecked another HDD, and my audio out jack does not work anymore.

Yesterday i called Dell about it, i still had partial sound back then. The support engineer told me i had to sent the notebook in for repairs, would take around 10 work days.

I'm very attached to my notebook, 10 days or longer without it, can't imagine what i should do, go outside perhaps, spent some time with my GF or something. So i told him i would call back if anything else breaks.


So in the late hours, i had an attack of nerd rage, out of nowhere, the 3rd replacement HDD broke down, don't know why :angel_not:

I had to remove the HDD to even get my system to boot past the bios screen.

This morning, i called Dell again, the engineer i spoke to, was not pleased, he could not give me any Windows support, and anything else is not supported. I told him this was a hardware failure, and he should support me with that, since i paid for the extended service. His mood went down, guess i was a bit to straight forward. He told me i had to install the broke HDD again and run the system self test (BS in my opinion, but ok, i did it)


The HDD was not even recognized, waited 15 min, the time it took to start the self test -_-


Called back, explained everything again, the guy i spoke to was a lot more understanding, and at least he knew the terms i used.

He had to consult a supervisor, on what to do. At this point i thought "Damn >.<"


He came back to me, told me a technician will come by on monday to replace the mainboard and hdd, they only bring in notebooks for repair if they have any doubts about the cause of the failure :moil:


If i had any other questions he asked, well, my last laugh: "Yes, i replaced my wifi card, the broken hdd, should i remove them before the repair? Also, i have only OS X installed, since the HDD with Ubuntu broke, does the technician reinstall Windos?"


Well, if i did not want him to reinstall the OS, he would be happy to note it down, seems the technicians are glad when they can skip that step.


And then the question, what is the address? Told him he could choose 1, Belgium or Germany (The notebook was delivered in the Netherlands), he still did not loose his temper, nor was he annoyed.



The moral of this story, you just need to speak to the right person to get something done right, i think.... :worried_anim:

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Just WOW :boxing:


So, my mainboard and HDD have been replaced today. The technician asked me if i had Windows installed, told him no, only OS X, i'm not fond of Windows.

He asked what bootloader etc, :idea: , yay, now we had a good conversation topic :thumbsup_anim:


He did not know about Clover, so i figured i would mention Chameleon, he did not know about that bootloader.

I told him i'm rather active on Insanelymac, became a local mod, and enjoy learning about the OSX86 project, and asked him what he was running.

His response: "I run Lion on my Dell notebook, i have a bootloader that i mumble mumble found mumble on tonymumblemumblemumble" :wallbash: (Flemish, had a hard time understanding him)


The conversation was over :hammer:

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