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Audio/Video Sync & Stuttering Issues


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Ok so I'm looking for a little help with my Lion install.


Here's the story:


I've been running 10.6.7 on my AMD machine for the better part of a year with absolutely no issues. I mainly use my HackPro for video editing in Final Cut Pro X, so when the first AMD kernels were released with 32bit support only, I had to stay away (FCPX is 64bit only). Not until recently have I started working on installing Lion & Mountain Lion. And so far, I just can't win :(


With Mountain Lion, I had graphic corruption caused by the amd_kernel. Understandable, I told myself, and decided to roll back to 10.7 and give that a shot, as I heard there were several working kernels with full graphic support for my HD 5750. I was able to get up and running in no time at all, found working kexts for my graphics and network, sleep is working with no issues, shutdown/restart, the whole nine yards. I'm able to boot in full 64bit mode or 32bit/64bit userland, and FCPX opens and runs perfectly well.


Here's the issue:


Any sound that I play on my machine starts off with a brief stutter. Video sources such as YouTube and Netflix play fine after the stutter goes away, which is well and fine. The problem I'm having is when I'm playing video in Plex Media Center, or when I've opened a project in FCPX and start playback, the video is behind the audio, falling completely out of sync. It seems like the video is playing in slow motion, and the audio is playing at full speed. I have had no issues whatsoever with audio up until this point. I use a Tascam USB audio device, which works in 32bit only, and I've used VoodooHDA to enable my on board audio. With either device, the audio issue is the same.


I've tried using busratio=15 as a boot flag, I tried enabling/disabling SSE2 in VoodooHDA prefs, I've tried creating and compiling a DSDT (never used one before, and couldn't find any patches for the one I made...), and nothing seems to be helping. I've also tried a number of different kernels to no avail.


I'm tired of being stuck on Snow Leopard. I'm trying and trying to get this working so that I can use it as my full time OS, but I just can't seem to shake the issues. If it's not one thing, it's another.


***EDIT: I also have an nVidia GTX 550 ti, GT430 8300GS on hand if they would make the Lion process any easier. Thanks again.***

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