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  1. Dear All, for a few months my hackintosh started to disconnect from the lan without any reason. I suspected from cable and change the jacks but it didn't help. When I use Windows with same machine I don't have any problem. When I disconnect from the LAN I shold do everytime: sudo ifconfig en0 down sudo ifconfig en0 up after that It's starting the connect again sometimes for 1 minute or sometimes until a few hours. My network cable is not very long maybe 3m. Could you please help me? I updated also network kexts.
  2. 10.8.4 FF or Safari with every flash video only a few seconds playing and video going to suddenly pause. When you click again to play icon, it doesn't play, you should do with progress bar a little forward after that for a few seconds video playing and unfortunately pausing again and again. Everything is updated. I deleted flash and installed again didn't fix that problem. Before I didn'T have this strange problem. How can I fix it?
  3. Problem solved. I created again the USB and I selected this time my fix after installation. Now I can installing it. Thanks
  4. http://i.imgur.com/FmHmATl.jpg Sorry the picture quality not good I know but this screen appear only for 1 seconds and pc restarting itself
  5. Dear all, I have a working ml installation on amd system and via this system I prepared myhack install USB for ml. ##### gave only error during USB preparation and I used my hack. Ahci is enabled vt-d disabled, after -v -f -x pc installing kexts and for a while I see white screen and colorful wheel and about 15 seconds pc is halting. I tried many boot options like pcrootuid 1 or 2 cpus 1 graphicsenabler yes or no but almost every time Pc shuttingdown I checked bios options and it should be ok Could you please help me Specs, Gigabyte z77n wifi I5 3570k 4gb ddr3 ram Intel hd 4000
  6. - It's not stable I'm getting KP after 10-15 minutes - Less Graphical Glitches but problem still continue - Some programs doesn't work like u-n-i-b-e-as-t - Windows Partitions doesn't mount (maybe I'm the faulty) + a bit faster boot
  7. RC15 Stuck on me at [PCI Begin Configuration Begin] Didn't help npci 0x2000 or 0x3000
  8. I have exact graphical glitches with JorgeMax, too
  9. According to the youtube video of gils83, Geforce based cards works with ML, but spakk says doesn't work. Missing I somethings? Edit: Can I use my 9800 GT with ML und sinetek kernel together, with QE/CI and multidisplay?
  10. I installed again VoodooHDA, single problem left: When I start a sound first 1-2 seconds stuttering after that works great. I'm suspicious that caused because z5500 going sleep immediatly when no sound data come. Therefore I'm looking for a small utility called SoundStay, but I couldn'T find this small tool internet. Almost every download link goes to Dropbox and unfortunately this link has been broken. If you help me, appreciated that to much. Thanks
  11. Same Graphics card, too. on me except sound everything works with x86_64 %100 with Bronya's RC12 kernel. I'm trying to fix sound problem but when I install AppleHDA I can't get sound, VoodooHDA works but front panels and mic doesn't work. My sound system works on SPDIF, but VoodooHDA works only Passthrough, so when I move any window/ minimize or maximize sound stuttering for 1-2 seconds.
  12. till install voodooHDA I could get sound via AppleHDA, I'm not 100% Sure but 90% Because I remember only that I didn't like the sound quality of VoodooHDA deleted it according to uninstall Information of VoodooHDA and my friend was using my pc only from headphone. (I tried VoodooHDA only for this reason, I couldn't get sound from Coax or SPDIF therefore I have been installed VoodooHDA If I find some time and empty HDD I will install Lion from scratch. After that I think I should configure only sound ports to get sound from rear SPDIF
  13. Interesting, DSDT Injection method works on AMD Systems especially for Graphic Cards. Why Sound Injection doesn't work?
  14. Hello, I tried many things but I haven't got any sound output on my system. In system Built-in Audio section I see only "No Built-in Audio". In System preferences Audio section "no any sound output" I added HDEF to my DSDT.aml, compiled but still any success. Sound controll ikon is still passive. When I install VooDooHDA I can get sound but sound quality is not good and making sometimes stuttering. My Sound Codec is ALC889, When I put AppleHDAEnabler.kext to SLE, during boot I see audio, and when I check system information section I see Intel Audio 12 but still I can't select any sound output. What would you like to suggest me? I remember only when I first time install I could get sound via only headphones but I'm not sure it was working through VoodooHDA or AppleHDA.