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Does Asus K8N work and is the swich worth it?


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I used pearpc on my Asus K8N, it was dog slow and annoying :)


Now I wanted to do this X86 on my MSI K9N AM2 board but no ones saying it works and I read it dosent at all even boot soo I'm considering taking out my


Asus K8N Agp

A64 2800 754 (2.5GHZ)

512MB OCZ DDR 3200 (low lat)

I have 2x sata drives and one pata which dies so I need sata support :D

audgy 4


I dunno, is this a good system to use? its nf3 and I dont got a spair NIC card.


also is X86OSX worth it over my


X2 4000 2MB cache (3GHZ per core)


1GB dual channel ddr2

X-Fi sound

X1600pro 512MB


or should I just run pear pc again with this new dual core system and use G5 emulation, might work better?

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