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  1. Interesting I spent a lot of time with someone on here trying to get a GTX 650 (that works OOB great for long time), and a RX 270X going at same time. I forget which but one was always blank, both gpu's would come up as GPU0 instead of GPU0/GPU1 (or is it GFX0?) regardless of dsdt modifications. Nice though!
  2. Hey guys I know abunch of us have working X99 based Asus installs. Two have given me clover configs that should do full XCPM turbo OC, all usb, and told Apple hda script should identify the codec and patch properly. The only thing that has worked is XCPM, which guy with same OC as my i7 5820k had 4.6ghz turbo OC, with his files I'd get 4.5ghz to show this inconsistency. So what are the latest fixes for our XCPM and X99 usb? Seems most threads relating to our boards are old. I'm sure theres better kexts. I'll be doing some work on mine in goals of near full USB, XCPM, and Audio. I'll post up the fixes I find if I can.
  3. I'd say is normal, I'd also bet that core is kicked up more power wise, vs other cores. are you using XCPM too? Steam game rust can eat up all 6 of my cores entirely on X99 similar platform. Currently I see CPU0 is doing either most work or least. When it is doing most, often no hyperthreading cores (If OS X skips like CPU1 should be HT, CPU2 a real core etc) when it does least it is completely idle and everything else kicks up. This just goes in a pattern. I have no XCPM working at the moment, I'll see if changes later on.
  4. I put xcpm performance fix 3 & all the other fixes above (Some my clover config already had) for 10.12.x from whoevers config am using. machdep.xcpm.vectors_loaded_count: 1 = 0 for me I only hit X419 mult, normally sits x18 to x30 even during geekbench. In El Capitan mult's go x12 to x44~ and it will flatline x44 give or take during geekbench. Scores aren't that much different oddly Williams-Mac-Pro:~ cmanns$ kextstat | grep AppleIntelCPU Williams-Mac-Pro:~ cmanns$ kextstat | grep AppleIntel 78 0 0xffffff7f82620000 0x2000 0x2000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSlowAdaptiveClocking (4.0.0) 6FE984DD-A1FE-309E-83CF-B346989A6F17 <77 4 3> Williams-Mac-Pro:~ cmanns$ kextstat -l | grep -y applelpc Williams-Mac-Pro:~ cmanns$ kextstat -l | grep -y x86plat 75 1 0xffffff7f81b81000 0x17000 0x17000 com.apple.driver.X86PlatformPlugin (1.0.0) F80CF40D-4ADE-3F20-AB94-B5EAB9B898E6 <74 73 43 42 11 7 6 5 4 3 1> 114 1 0xffffff7f81b98000 0x7000 0x7000 com.apple.driver.X86PlatformShim (1.0.0) 4AAFC86D-5E06-31C5-A6C5-4F00C3A04F34 <75 74 73 7 4 3> Williams-Mac-Pro:~ cmanns$ kextstat -l | grep -y acpiplat
  5. (I need to find me one of those xeons :-) ) Did you do the XCPM patch in the other thread?
  6. oh okay sweet! My cpu is doing x18 and x30 mostly with maybe x40 on geek bench. Should be doing x12 -> x44 using someone else's SSDT that has same cpu/mainboard/overclock and it works flawless on El Cap. Will def try this out and report back
  7. Thanks, noted that post. I wonder if my BIOS ver is less affected by random reboots.
  8. mind sharing that BIOS / link to method of patching? Have X99-A/USB3.1 I'll stick on 3005 a bit more though, so far DP7/DP8 seem entirely reboot free though I faced this so rarely not sure how else to trigger, abunch of reboots?
  9. Guys how do I name my i7 5820k properly to run intel gadget ?
  10. ^I maybe face what you do Sometimes I boot up hack and it reboots before I login Otherwise it's stable all day, when I was first configuring this X99 hack with 10.11/10.12 I saw some reboots while in the OS doing things quite alarming. Since fresh installs with better clover/EFI/etc I notice this so rare yet to see it as I'm using it. *keeps eyes peeled for fix* I'm on 3005 bios
  11. cmanns

    Not work HyperThreading.

    Try adding VoodooTSCSync Oh man I want one of those CPU's , going Xeon myself next but will return if doesn't work with OS X. I have 6 core, 12 threads total in OS X This mobo should only need npci=0x2000 to boot maybe try npci=0x3000 though
  12. I have pretty close mainboard to you USB's all working? Once I got USB 3 working (Wont work on el capitan though works for others with X99-A/Delux/etc my USB 2.0 now show as USB 3.0 and then 3.1 controller lol? No audio I also have no PCI table by chance if you can post patch for DSDT so I can edit mine also We need to get some patches going for Maciasl
  13. cmanns

    Skylake and VT-d

    I run VT-d / VT-x on X99 with OS X no problem may need to drop the tables or dart=0 I don't though
  14. cmanns

    GTX 950 Black Screen after boot

    I bought a EVGA GTX750 SC as folk in IRC said it would work OOB with my 3 displays Regardless of what displays plugged in, nv_drv, etc it never worked with OS X- returned it.
  15. So what do I need to do to run this? My i7 5820k with another person with same mobo/cpu and near same OC's SSDT gave me perfect flat line in El Cap, same clover/etc I get less mult and never peak OC mult.