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Patching iOS 6.1's USB plists for extending USB device support?

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I have an iPad4 with iOS 6.1. Now I bought a camera connection kit to connect the iPad to a standard midi keyboard, the Akai LPK 25 (which is reported to work with iPad generally).


Now my problem is that the USB Keyboard shortly powers up and than is disabled. Sometimes a message appears "device is not supported". And I cannot see my keyboard in CoreMIDI apps.


What is wrong here? The adapter works fine with a standard usb keyboard and also reads images from sdcard.


Can I patch the system files, for example IOUSBFamily.kext, to extend the usb support for my device? There is also a file inside a USB directory named "com.apple.mobile.audio_device_yamaha.plist", in which usb device ids are defined.


Is there some cydia app available for that?


Why is the keyboard not detected?


Thanks for any hints.

If you have a powered USB hub try using that to power the LPK. The iPad doesn't deliver much power so it's possible that it's just a little short on juice to keep the LPK running.


iPad compatibility lists are generally to show devices which are class-compliant and therefore work fine. However they'll sometimes need external power in order to actually run.

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