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Gigabyte 8I945P Pro, first boot, kernel panic


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Hi there,


I have OSX 10.4.7 installed on my z60t, and it works like a charm.


So i've converted to the OS X/Darvin religion, BUT the feable Kernel of Panic strikes at my heart!


My JerkStation @ home installs like a charm, but panics a first boot.


My motherboard is a Gigabyte Gigabyte 8I945P Pro,




and i haven't changed anything in the BIOS or other. The installer work very nicely, but when i boot for the first time, it goes complety bollox.


I have a GF 6600GT, if thats a problem?


using JaS 10.4.7


Please help?

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well... all.


Did that on my laptop, and it worked..


Did i make a do-do?


BTW: I have a 530 P4 in the JerkStation

You were extremely lucky on the laptop.


You should select Intel packages, not AMD. Choose SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of your processor. Choose the Combo Update to end up with the latest OS. Choose other packages if you know that your computer needs them.

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Works like a charm... also needed to copy the mach_kernel to /Volumes/(disk)/ via the install disk.


Why doesn't the installer do this?

It does...the SSE2 installer copies one version and the SSE3 installer copies another version. If you chose the wrong package or you have a computer that is supposed to be SSE3 but for some reason only seems to work with SSE2, then you have to make adjustments.

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