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Chameleon installer vs Chimera...

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Does Chameleon do the same thing as Chimera? I was told since I am using Chimera and do not Chameleon installed thats one reason my App Store/iCloud isn't working.


Anyone who can me the difference and if I need Chameleon?



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Chimera is MacMan's branch of Chameleon, as registered in http://forge.voodoop...rg/p/chameleon/


In other words, Chimera is one of the many Chameleon "flavors", like Enoch, Cparm etc, and it's the option officially recommended by another forum, which is the right place to ask support for it.


About your doubt: the Chimera branch don't have yet compatibility with the NVRAM module, which is what solves the iMessage issue. So you should look for the main trunk, the latest possible, or some branch which already includes the module, like Enoch. If you want iMessage, Chimera won't solve it for you for now.


So the answer is yes, you need it. Take in mind that Chimera is Chameleon, but yet unfixed for iMessage. So the installation process and the use is absolutely the same. You can even use the same org.chameleon.Boot.plist (not org.chimera.Boot.plist, see?), SMBIOS and even the same themes folder.


Best regards!


P.S.: Despite not working well with iMessage, Chimera supports App Store and iCloud. The problem in this case is caused for some mistake you did in the setup. Did you include EthernetBuiltIn=Yes in your boot flags?


P.P.S.: Chimera was updated today and includes indeed the iMessage fix. My mistake.

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