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install on laptop with one hard drive


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As per title, could someone tell me how I could go about installing the deadmoo image on my Dell Inspiron 1150 that only has one hard drive? Any help is greatly appreciated.


You need to partition your drive so you can install macos and windows. That way you can have the deadmoo image on the windows partition and write it to the extra (mac) partition.


If you don't want to re-install windows or don't have a way to backup the image, you need a non-destructive partition resizing program, my recommendation is Partition Magic.

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if you dont want to destroy your winxp partition:


1) partiion with partition magic as mentioned above

2) install VMWare

3) Create a new VMachine with your DVD and HD as Physical drives


4) boot the new VM from the installer DVD and

a) Format free space as HFS+

:D Install to new HFS+ partition


I´m not sure from the deadmoo image, but you could change stpes 3 and 4 to


3) VM with image as HD1 and hd As Physical hd2

4) boot from image and

a) format free space as HFS+ (use diskutilities)

;) From DiskUtilities use "RESTORE" to copy from image to HFS+ Partition


You probably need to bless the partition (use search in hte forums)

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You shouid read my thread, Inspiron 1100,pure windows installation. I have about 6 partitions in my harddrive.


By the way, I believe this section is only to describe how you installed OSx86 and not to come up and ask questions that are already answered in the forums... Search first, then post in another section

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