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Socket 2011 ? Or not ?

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Hi all! I would like to build a new hackintosh and I had some doubts on using the socket 2011 or 1155. I do not follow most developments for months, and I remember the problem on socket 2011 on which the power management does not work. This problem is still there? Or was it resolved?

I would use the socket 2011 for the esacore and 8 slots of ram, but honestly, I'd rather have osx as much compatible as possible with vanilla. What do you advise me? I can try to go into in 2011 or I'm good on the rest of 1155?


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The user RampageDev here supports x79 boards at http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/


Personally, I would go with z77 (1155) because of cost/performance and choice. However - it all comes down to what you want/need.


Take a look at his site and see what all is involved... he has had good success thus far with the 2011 platform,

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