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Is this possible - Toshiba Laptop


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I searched for a similar setup. I know it would be slow, but I just want to test an installation before I get new hardware. My older laptop has:


1.5Ghz Celeron

512 Meg Ram

ATI M6-C - 16MB

Realtek alc202a



It is a Toshiba Satellite 1115-s103


Would this be possible??

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rockcola, on your laptop (if you're running some version of windows) download this program called "CPU-Z". The link for their website is right HERE. The download is fairly small, so if you have a dialup connection then it will not take that long to grab, though on high speed it will download very quickly. This program tells you if your CPU has SSE2 or SSE3 instructions.


If you're running Linux or something similar than you may want to run a system information app under it. There should be an application you can run under your program menu that lets you see whether you have these SSE2 or SSE3 extensions on your processor.


The main requirement for running the interface (Aqua) and OSX86 itself is that you have at least SSE2 on your CPU. I actually tested a laptop similar to yours that I was borrowing from a friend and it was a Celeron 1.8 Ghz, but it did have the SSE2 built-in. Hopefully yours does too. If so, then it's highly likely that OSX86 will install or run on your laptop.


Just post again if you have any questions or need any further help.



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ive succesfully installed the deadmoo Image on my Toshiba Satellite 1110-Z16.


Hardware :

Mobile Celeron 1,5Ghz / SSE2

Intel Chipset


ATI Mobility Radeon M6 - 16MB

Realtek 8139 LAN

AC97 Sound


After the installation, first I installed the Maxxon 0.5c SSE2 Patchpaket. The HDD and the CD/DVD-Rom works only in PIO-Mode, so I searched here and found the Intel Chipset Driver. Now all works in DMA-Mode. Sound and LAN works from the begining. My PCMCIA Port works too, my SMC 2835V3 Wirelesscard is recognized, but there are no Drivers for this fu**ing SoftMac PrismGT Card available. I see the Card in the Upper Right of the Finderbar. At my Debian Linux there are no Drivers too, but the ndiswrapper still works...

The ATI Card works as "Vesa 2.0" with 1024x768, its ok..Touchpad runs......Ive not yet tested the USB-Ports, but i think they works too. A Batterybar is in the upper right and shows the right Capacity. The Notebook works also in Full ACPI Mode.


The Performance of OSX is ok, i think.


Try it out.




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