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Chameleon/Chimera borks with 2TB Time Machine volume

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This is supposedly an old bug, but persists with Chameleon 2.1 / Chimera 11.x .


I have a 2 TB Time Machine volume. It's started to fill up, I've also added movies, etc. I think about 1.4 GB is used. The bootloader is stuck on boot, with the progress indicator slowing down and stopping. It's written elsewhere that this is due to the file system search function getting stuck on large volumes with overflow extents *sigh*. Anyhow, this bug currently prevents using large volumes. I have found no way to cleanly boot my Hackintosh otherwise, so I had to disable the volume.


Any suggestions on how to fix this situation is welcome.


Here is a thread about this old bug: http://forum.voodoop...opic,901.0.html


When I erase the MBR of the offending drive, I get Chimera to work beautifully. But I haven't found any way to bring the volume back and still get Chimera to run. One would think that Chimera wouldn't try to look into unbootable partitions, but it seems to... At any rate, this would still create a problem with bootable large partitions, so it ought to be important. Anyone else have the same problem?

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Had this very problem this weekend.  It started on the reboot after Time Machine had to remove old files to make room (It had a graphics crash, but otherwise doesn't get rebooted very often)


There are two known workarounds that I've found - 


1) Add "Scan Single Drive = Yes" to org.chameleon.boot.plist  (which makes the boot loader only look at the drive it was loaded from, so no good if your boot loader is on a different volume like a thumb drive)


2) Reformat the TM disk, which is only a fix until the next time it fills up.


Apart from that, it seems like a common problem, and that Chimera's going to need an update to fix it. But the problem seems to go all the way back to version 1, so no one's holding their breath.

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