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  1. Had this very problem this weekend. It started on the reboot after Time Machine had to remove old files to make room (It had a graphics crash, but otherwise doesn't get rebooted very often) There are two known workarounds that I've found - 1) Add "Scan Single Drive = Yes" to org.chameleon.boot.plist (which makes the boot loader only look at the drive it was loaded from, so no good if your boot loader is on a different volume like a thumb drive) 2) Reformat the TM disk, which is only a fix until the next time it fills up. Apart from that, it seems like a common problem, and that Chimera's going to need an update to fix it. But the problem seems to go all the way back to version 1, so no one's holding their breath.
  2. SOLVED! It's amazing how just changing up your google search can open up whole new worlds. Instead of searching for "Hang after Loading Operating System" I searched for "Hang before boot loader" What I found was 3 different cases of people having to disconnect their Time Machine drive. So I did. Magic. A longer than necessary DSDT update process later, and everything's running again. I cannot believe how silly this problem was. Found the solution here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/chimera-bug-reports/97781-chimera-text-spinner-suddenly-hangs-about-presence-internal-time-machine-drive.html Thank you for your help, and I hope this may help someone out in the future.
  3. So, after failing to update to UEFI (couldn't get it to boot from the FreeDOS USB drive to run the updater), I updated the BIOS from f10 to f12. Sad to report, same result. Stuck on the screen with a frozen "/" Tried SSD & USB, no difference. Pulled the hard drive and verified it's OK in Disk Utility by hooking it up to my laptop via usb. Any other ideas? I really appreciate everyone's efforts so far.
  4. Sounds like a plan. I can go ahead and update to UEFI while I'm at it, I suppose. Thanks for the advice, I'll report back the results.
  5. Thanks. I went ahead and reset the BIOS to both last known good and to optimal defaults, no luck yet, though i agree it may be there. I haven't done a HDD/SDD check yet, though. I figured it safe since i couldn't boot from the USB drive either. But it's certainly worth a shot.
  6. First off, here's my build (built about a year ago, has been relatively stable): 10.8.5 Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 rev 1.3 f10 i7 2600k EVGA GTS450 (replaced with EVGA GT640) 16 GB ram 128GB SSD os drive + 1tb data drive So hi everyone, Yesterday, my work machine had a graphics freakout (Screen froze and filled with random blocks of color patterns and distortions). I powered down and tried to boot again. It will go through the BIOS screens and then the "Loading Operating System..." screen, and then it hangs on the screen after that (the one that normally has the spinning "/", only now it doesn't spin, it just sits there). It never makes it to the boot loader screen. I try to boot off of my rescue USB drive - same result. My initial research turned up that my graphics card was a likely culprit. Made sense to me, given the initial symptom. I went out and bought a new card and swapped it in (an EVGA GT640). Same result. I removed the graphics card, then tried using the on-board graphics. Same result. I pulled the CMOS battery and let it sit for a while. Same result. I'm not sure what to try from here and i could REALLY use some advice from the community. Thank you in advance.