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Help getting the KN1 SLI Lite to boot OS

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Okay I am going to post this is Snow Leopard and Leopard as I have tried many different installs.


My question is if anyone has this motherboard ( KN1 SLI Lite ) with a AMD 3800+ CPU please can you pretty please post a guide on what settings and what install dvd you used as no matter what I try NOTHING will get it to boot.


It installs fine but when I boot the best I get is to a message "bsm auditing present".


In the meantime ill be here, putting cds in, installing, changing the bios settings and on and on and on until I pull all my hair out :(



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Im sorry I did not mean a guide as in a full detail just what dvd install and what settings for the KN1 SLI Lite in the customise section. I meant no offence of any sense.


If this helps, this is the photo I took trying IATKOS V7


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Most of the time when you run across OS version not yet set, its because you need to use the legacy kernel (32bit vs 64bit). However, I haven't tried with 10.5 - only 10.6 so I'm not sure. I would recommend a Google search for that (its what I did when I had that issue myself and then look at all the topics and pick and choose. I never found one site with ALL the help I needed, but I was able ot cobble together what I needed from many sites.


Hope that helps if you haven't already figured it out - Good Luck!!

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