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HP ProBook 4710s - Lion 10.7.5 - problems

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Hi Everyone.


I am an owner of a HP Probook 4710s. It is now 2 years old and I decided to upgrade it with Mac's system.

I've already installed Lion 10.7.5 (I had a lot of problems with making a Bootable USB flash drive with Lion. But now it's done. So, I installed it totally clean, without any Bootloaders.


Now, I have problems with almost all of the hardware inside it.

I managed to activate laptop's keyboard and trackpad. I have also managed my screen resolution in com.apple.Boot.plist but I have problems with Graphics, Sound, Ethernet controller and WIFI.


Here are the specs of the laptop:

HP Probook 4710s


CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T5870 @ 2.00GHz 64bit


RAM: 2x 2Gb 400Mhz

GPU: ATI HD Mobility Radeon 4300 series - 4330 with 512Mb (Not recognized and showing only 5MB of VRAM)

Sound: AMD HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO WORKING - but problems with microphone - hearing myself and if too loud speaker it starts making annoying sound - tried input gain and monitor to 0 - nothing better. Anybody?

Ethernet controller: Marvell Yukon 88e8072 (not working)

WIFI: Broadcom BCM4310 USB Controller (not working)


Yeah and also the speed of a fan is at low speed that is why laptop is extremlly hot. Also sleep mode is not working.

I'll be very happy and grateful if someone could help me with those drivers.


Thank you.


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Honestly man, that's a mess.


All Intel-based laptops today use Intel HD graphics, or can from dedicated graphics. You have an ATI Mobility Radeon setup, which I'd Google along with "hackintosh", but I wouldn't hold my breath for something that old and foreign to Macs. Like if a real Mac used that, you'd have a fighting chance of getting it working... Sound is AMD-based, so I'm not expert but I haven't heard of that specifically working.... You might try VoodooHDA.kext, that's a pretty universal kext. As for Ethernet, most setups are Realtek, again, give it a Google with "hackintosh", but I'm not sure on support... And WiFi... Google Google Google! The whole post should be Googled! But the AR5B195 is a known compatible WiFi N/Bluetooth (3.0) card for hackintoshes, it's about $10 on eBay and is half-height PCIe, your laptop may be full-height PCIe...


Frankly... It's far from the ideal hackintosh laptop, you'd be better off with a laptop, used or new, with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, doesn't really matter if it's 1st gen, Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge, but Ivy Bridge runs 10.8 Mountain Lion with the least hassle/setup. It helps to have HD4000 graphics, HD3000 doesn't play nice with 10.8, or at least last I heard it doesn't.... I would go ahead and buy that AR5B195 card, make sure your laptop does not have a whitelist, because whatever laptop you get (assuming you're going to get a new laptop for this), it almost certainly won't have a supported WiFi/Bluetooth card, if it even has Bluetooth at all.


As for everything else.... I think it's just that your laptop is on the older side.... Also, use myHack on a Mac or OS X VM to make the USB installer, it uses Chameleon for the bootloader, and I think that'll help you out a bit.

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Thank you Jimmy for this reply. Well I thought so that that this laptop is not entirely made for a Hackintosh. I wanted to install xOS because I wanted to see how it is with its functionality. Well, I got AUDIO working now with VOODOO 2.6 - everything works great. But everything else remains unrevealed secret, I guess. I was googling a lot and trying different solutions even for graphic and for ethernet adapter, but of cours... always with zero success. For wireless I am using D-LINK USB WIFI adapter... that is fully functionally :) I am actually writing this from my H(P)ackintosh.


I have actually bought a new laptop already and I think it is going to be more xOS friendly. I don't have it yet, but it is on its way. It's Sony Vaio S1512 with i7 3rd gen Ivy bridge, INTEL HD4000 & GeForce GT 640 (2GB), 8GB RAM, SSD Drive, Full HD IPS Screen, I really don't know what kind of ethernet, wifi, bluetooth and other peripherals uses it. But I'll see very soon. I hope that there will be everything easier, because I just love Mac's OS. It's only one thing that bothers me... it's the price of MacBook Pros with Retina display.

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Well... today my hackintosh managed to recognize AT MOBILITY RADEON HD 4330 but it says only 5 MB vram. What have I done:








I have in CHameleon boot file:







<key>Graphics Mode</key>




<key>Kernel Flags</key>

<string>npci=0x2000 darkwake=0 -force64</string>

<key>Legacy Logo</key>







Any ideas perhaps?

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