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Installed ML2 but 2 minor issues

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Hey guys,


Ive succesfully installed a booting iATKOS ML2 on my PC (P5B, NVidia 8800GTS, C2DUO 6420). My 1TB hard drive consists of 500GB-Windows 7 & 500GB-osx86 ML2, and i also have another 250GB hard drive attached where i store my backup files etc. However, i am experiencing a few minor issues which maybe you guys could help me out on.


1) When booted into windows 7, i CAN see and access my other 250gb hard drive from My Computer to write/read files. However, when im in OSX86 i cannot see my 2nd hard drive. Is there any way i can see and access this HDD from osx86?


2) The front USB ports on the PC are not working (It is a panel on the case, which connects to the motherboard, same as this http://www.ebuyer.com/246648-antec-sonata-iv-case-with-620w-psu-0-761345-08153-5?utm_source=google&utm_medium=products&gclid=CJ_L96rg57QCFe3KtAodBkgARA) I get power from the ports, but my External hard drive doesnt get recognised, unless i plug it into the rear USB ports.


Any help regarding these issues would be very much appreciated.





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