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  1. Hey guys, Ive succesfully installed a booting iATKOS ML2 on my PC (P5B, NVidia 8800GTS, C2DUO 6420). My 1TB hard drive consists of 500GB-Windows 7 & 500GB-osx86 ML2, and i also have another 250GB hard drive attached where i store my backup files etc. However, i am experiencing a few minor issues which maybe you guys could help me out on. 1) When booted into windows 7, i CAN see and access my other 250gb hard drive from My Computer to write/read files. However, when im in OSX86 i cannot see my 2nd hard drive. Is there any way i can see and access this HDD from osx86? 2) The front USB ports on the PC are not working (It is a panel on the case, which connects to the motherboard, same as this http://www.ebuyer.com/246648-antec-sonata-iv-case-with-620w-psu-0-761345-08153-5?utm_source=google&utm_medium=products&gclid=CJ_L96rg57QCFe3KtAodBkgARA) I get power from the ports, but my External hard drive doesnt get recognised, unless i plug it into the rear USB ports. Any help regarding these issues would be very much appreciated. Regards Ahmet
  2. hey guys, my current setup is XP and MAC on one hard disk (partitioned obviously) i was wondering whether i can install a seperate hard disk, so i can have XP only on the first hard drive, and MAC only on the second hard drive, and still dual boot at the same time?
  3. i cant backup/restore kext folder

    ok but then how would i recover those backup files incase i have an error?
  4. i cant backup/restore kext folder

    shall i use capital R when backing up as well?
  5. Hey guys, whats happening here is that when i load up Terminal within Mac OS, i can backup the relevant folders using this method.. sudo -s [enter password] cp -r /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions.backup cp -r /mach_kernel /mach_kernel.backup and i was of the thought that people back these folders up just incase they cat boot into mac no more, which therefore would mean that in order to replace the current folders with the backup ones, we would have to use terminal within the Darwin bootloader. Which is what im doing to test out whether it works but: When i use the below commands to restore the folders i get a message which says no such file or directory?????????? sudo -s [enter password] cp -r /System/Library/Extensions.backup /System/Library/Extensions cp -r /mach_kernel.backup /mach_kernel What am i doing wrong here? ive also tried to do the same procedure in (-S F8 mode at boot)
  6. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    lol everything was running perfectly untill voodoo kernel 9.7.0 crashed..... im re installing trying 9.5.0 this time....
  7. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    yessssss finally got it done.......!!!!!!!!! i changed the bios settings to IDE
  8. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    Please Somebody.... its driving me crazy, i cant get any info form any where.........
  9. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    ok heres another update, and i think im getting closer............ i re installed, and i get past the screen which has the apple logo with a spinning wheel at the bottom.......... i come to a screen which has a Dark grey background, and a black mouse cursor........ and thats it..... i have no options windows etc............ i can just move the mouse around on the grey screen without being able to do anything else... sound familiar????
  10. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    im doing the -x by pressing f8 at the darwin boot screen.... but it takes me to the DVD setup for mac?
  11. Screen hangs at apple logo (grey screen)

    do i do that before installation? or after installation when im going to boot into the OS? ok heres abit of an update, ive reinstalled iatkos v7 but this time i only ticked boxes i need in customize. now when i try load up leaopard i get a kernel panic i think, it says i gota turn off my computer? have i moved a step forward? or backwards lol. can anyone offer some advice? pleaseeeeeeee
  12. Hey guys, im totaly new to this scene, and attempted to dual boot iatkos v7 this morning. My PC setup is: Asus P5B Mobo 500gb samsung HDD NVIDIA 8800 GTS 320mb i've re-partitioned my hard drive to give the MAC partition a 95gb Space, Which is more than enough for me. Ive installed iatkos v7 followed instructions correctly and it said that installation was successful. (Before installation- i went into customize and ticked all boxes) now when i try to load up Leopard, the screen just hangs/freezes............ ive changed a few settings in the bios hoping it will help, but nothing has helped... im not sure what i should do now to be honest? im sorta stuck as ive no experience at all..... can anyone sorta guide me in the right direction?