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Perfect Installation, now wont boot saying please restart!


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I had a perfect installation (apart from dual boot). I didnt install anything new before this, well not for a few days at least. I get a screen similar to the kernal panic. It just says please reboot by holding the power button for a few seconds or press the restart button. I though ok fine, luckily i had no unbacked up files on it so i reinstalled. The new installation did the same, and the new installation after that. From the same dvd that has installed several good installs. I booted in verbose mode for each installation and it panics on the airport2 kext. (airport was working fine before it broke). So its a bit annoying as i cant boot into windows too. Gonna try the ultimate boot cd as suggested in another thread to get dual booting working, but this has got me stumped.


**Edit** I reinstalled it again, but this time without the wireless patch. It has worked but i need wireless for internet. How can i apply this manually? Its a belkin pci card.

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