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DSDT errors and warnings.

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I've been trying to do changes in my smbios.plist from suggestions in this forum so I could get ML from the store, it isn't working. it says my computer is incompatiible. I wouldn't even care because sl is running so good, but they are dropping security updates.

ML won't install from aquiring it any other way either, I can't even make a USB stick from aquiring it from unconventional ways. I rather buy it anyway, so I know what I'm getting and to do the right thing.


So I tried to make a new dsdt list. I get an error, I got the original error in a screen shot, then tried to fix the error, did that & was left with warnings, included a screen shot of that. I'm going to zip up a file and upload it to any kind soul who acres to look at it I included the compiled dsdt with the warnings. My hardware is in my sig.


If someone thinks I need to change hardware don't be afraid to let me know, I'm 51 I can take criticism. :)


I managed to install LinuxMint on another HD, I can't switch back and forth, the chameleon bootloader "Boot V5.0.132, Chameleon V2.0-RC4_PCEFI10.5_AsererBLN r" will not let me choose drives to boot. So I have to go into my BIOS and choose HD Priority list every time I want to use SL or Linux, but if you think I can get a better DSDT from linux let me know what I need in apps from linux,or the commands from the terminal and I'll do it from Linux. It seems that people are getting better dsdt files from windows and since I don't even have a copy of any windows in my posession I figured maybe linux would work...


thanks for any help and for reading.


Happy Hew Year!

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both dsdt from win or linux is same.

in gigabyte u can boot hdd2 by F12.

extract fresh dsdt unmodded and post in .zip


i can make linux boot to chameleon with a custom grub.cfg

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