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Can't erase partition to install os x


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Hey, im absolutely running CRAZY,


I already installed os x leopard before, but i tried to update to snow leopard and messed up.


After that i reformated my hard drive and installed windows 7.

from windows 7 i made 2 partitions, for windows and for os x.


i dowloaded my working distro again, using transmac burned it to usb, like i always do.

installed chameleon to my mbr, booted into my usb drive,


when i was on the "select destination" page, i opened disk utility, and formated the partition suposed for os x.

But it didn't format!

i formated it as extended journaled, with the name MAC.

after format the name changed into disk0s5, and it wasn't formated for install.


booted back into windows, easus partition master said it was unformatted.

i can't get it formatted to get os x installed!!


It doesnt give an error, it just doesn't format the drive correctly.


What can i do to format the F*CKING DRIVE???

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