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  1. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    Nah, after trying for days but clover won't boot in Legacy. I think I'll just try to find another Mac and create an installer from there
  2. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    I'll try. My PC has no way to force either UEFI or Legacy, it just guesses by itself. Need to find a way to force it to boot Legacy
  3. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    I haven't tested my PC yet with any other boot loader except for Clover, as I don't have any other boot loader. But I can't get around this "root device uuid is xxxx-xxxx-etc" Or error allocating pages
  4. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    It only makes Clover USB drives, and that is exactly what I can already do. And Clover won't work. It doesn't make Chimera, or Chameleon drives....
  5. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    The BIOS shows no CSM option whatsoever, the motherboard however IS capable of booting legacy OS, as it can boot Windows 7 from another hard drive. (It automatically detects whether a drive is UEFI or not) But read again please: the issue is not my motherboard not booting legacy, because it does that just fine, but my issue is that I am unable to create a USB drive with any other boot loader except of Clover, as all those tools are created only for Mac OS X, and I do not have access to a Mac OS X running machine.
  6. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    I'm not going to run Windows XP, heck.My motherboard doesn't even support it, I run Windows 10. And I'm not interested in Linux so I don't care about that. Getting the legacy bootloader to boot might not be the issue, but creating the bootloader... I haven't found a way yet to create a chimera bootloader USB on Windows.
  7. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    No sht...... Like I said: I can only create a Clover USB stick, but can't create chimera or chameleon as they always end up incompatible with uefi or uefi-csm. And Clover won't work.
  8. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    For this PC I don't know, as I cannot create a chameleon or chimera USB stick because I have no Macintosh system running, and I don't know anybody who has a mac.
  9. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    There has been luck with sorta like CPU's as mine, (not 860k but 840k for example) and I've used their kernel. But I've never had any luck with Clover. I've tried all kinds of different Intel processors, and even PC's that would boot fine with another boot loader would give the failed to allocate error on clover. I can't get any legacy boot loader to start on my PC, so I am forced to use an UEFI based boot loader, but Clover just won't work. Chimera is my personal favourite as it always works for me, but I can't install it as I have no running OS X machine.
  10. Clover won't work - error allocating pages

    I've got a kernel that is supposed to be compatible. Thanks for the reply, thought nobody would share love for AMD.
  11. Hey everybody For over a weak I've been trying to get OS X 10.10 running. I used Clover to boot my USB installer, and OS X installed fine. After reboot, I tried to start OS X but it would always throw back a failed boot. Now here's the following: With no aptiofix driver it wouldn't do anything. With OsxAptioFixDrv it would show the root device uuid is xxxxxxx And the line under it is filled with ++++++++++++++++++ With OsxAptioFixDrv2 it would show error allocating pages 0x1130 With OsxLowMemFixDrv it would just freeze at the 4th line with ............... I'm completely out if ideas... No flags seem to help.. Here's my built: Asrock FM2A88M-hd+ AMD Athlon X4 860K @4ghz 2*2GB Ddr3 1333mhz AMD Sapphire HD6570 2gb ddr3 It has Windows 10 installed and boots into Windows 10 fine. Can anybody help me getting this thing to boot?
  12. Direct X for MacOSX

    I don't care. Stop arguing me please, I prefer to just use a native Windows installation to run my games.
  13. Direct X for MacOSX

    Most games that I run at 40 or more fps in windows run at just 30 or even less FPS in OS X. I'll keep Windows installed for now
  14. Here to find how to install on ESXi 5.5

    Hello there, Could you post some details about your system? Like motherboard, processor, graphics card... That would help a lot