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booting Mountain Lion from RAID1 issue


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Hi All, I need some help to make Mountain Lion 10.8.2 boot from RAID1

Up to now I have done this (from a ML installed on a separate SATA disc):

1) format HD, then create RAID1 disk

2) launch DD script, set RAID as target and launch retail DVD install (option 1)

3) install starts and I select RAID1 volume … wait until it is done (20 min)

4) install boot loader Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1278 (choose UseKernelCache Yes in options)

5) Problem: there is no Extra folder so DD script does not install kexts. Create one Manually on helper partitions

6) install kexts with DD script (selecting system as target)


Here I started troubleshooting since I cannot boot from this RAID1 disk.


Doing some search found these two threads interesting:


1) [GUIDE] LION on Software RAID0 fully working..

2) [GUIDE] Chameleon 2 RAID - More complete tutorial


I have tried following the recommendations in these two GUIDES (the first references the second). I have gotten to the point were:

1) If I try to boot the RAID1 disk, I get a boot0 done, boot1 error

2) If I try to boot a standard Mountain Lion off of a simple (non RAID) disk, selecting the RAID1 disk from chameleon GUI allows me to boot the RAID1 installed Mountain Lion.


I think I am close to it, but still do not know how to do it.


Any ideas?



please note that the RAID1 member partitions are on a GUID partition table (AFAIK I cannot make a RAID on MBR partition table on 10.8.2)

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