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  1. Booting Mountain Lion after Install

    uhmmm if DSMOS does not arrive ... could be that you are missing FakeSMC.kext .... do you have that? I did not find the screen shot ... did you forget to upload it?
  2. Dell XPS 8000 Raid Problem

    Hi Chris, why would you use a RAID based on your MoBo? If it is for reliability, I think Mac OS X RAID is more reliable ... let me explain: Scenario 1) data or OS on Motherboard based RAID Scenario 2) data or OS on Apple Mac OS X RAID What happens if your Motherboard breaks? In scenario 1), you cannot (probably) recover your data (it's a proprietary RAID) unless you can find an exact MoBo and it allows you to import RAID config from existing RAID (I have seen these feature only on servers and still would not rely on it). In scenario 2), you can simply attach your two drivers to any Mac or Hackintosh and voilà ... your data is there. So a Mac RAID, even though limited to type 0 (for speed) or 1 (Mirror), are much more flexible in case of system failure than proprietary RAID.
  3. RAID blues

    Hi all folks, this post is about my main hackintosh: MB: Supermicro X8DA3 Video: Zotac GeForce 210 1GB RAM 24GB Case LianLi Everything was good and well with ML 10.8.2 on RAID 1 (vanilla install based on digital_dreamer script). Graphics Enabler Yes. Unfortunately a Mac AppStore update fired and system did not boot anymore. After trying a few things to recover non booting RAID 1 I decided it was safer to leave as is (no recent backup) and start with a new couple of disks in RAID1. Once this new system is up I will migrate the install from old RAID to new RAID. First I tried installing again (with digital_dreamer script) on single disc (Extra folder, Extensions), no boot cache, minimum set of kexts in Extra folder. Everything ok. So I got a working ML10.8.4 on target machine to work on new install on RAID1. Note: kexts are all in Extra. Chosen kexts are: IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector IONetworkingFamily AppleRTC FakeSMC NullCPUPowerManagement Following digital_dreamer notes for RAID1 install, I setup ML, then installed Chameleon, then kexts in Extra/boot combo cache. I boot and get the [PCI configuration begin]. I can get past this with npci=0x2000. With npci=0x2000 I get the boot process to do many things: I see DSMOS loaded, nVidia drivers (vanilla) loaded. I have tried many settings: EFI string for video card, PCIRootUID=0, GraphicsEnabler=No, updated to latest Chameleon bootloader (2.1 r2069) to no avail. I should be close to it, since I can setup with no pain on single disk, it is the RAID setup that is creating problems (that is the cache thing, but his one seems to be mandatory according to the notes in the guide by digital_dreamer). Any ideas folks?
  4. Hi All, I have successfully installed Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with DD script on a SATA drive. My next attempt was to have a (final) system installed on a RAID1 mirror. Here I am hitting a wall. When I try to boot I get boot0: done and then boot1: error. I have seen the guides for RAID but I am afraid they are not up to date with issues in Mountain Lion (the guides are dated prior to ML). If I boot the system from a single (non-RAID) disc with Chameleon boot loader, and then choose any of the two RAID members, I can boot the system fine. So I think I am close to it, but there is something missing. I updated the bootloader inside DD script, but still get the same problem. Any ideas? TIA
  5. Hi All, any one knows the difference between fdisk and fdisk440? TIA
  6. Hi All, I need some help to make Mountain Lion 10.8.2 boot from RAID1 Up to now I have done this (from a ML installed on a separate SATA disc): 1) format HD, then create RAID1 disk 2) launch DD script, set RAID as target and launch retail DVD install (option 1) 3) install starts and I select RAID1 volume … wait until it is done (20 min) 4) install boot loader Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1278 (choose UseKernelCache Yes in options) 5) Problem: there is no Extra folder so DD script does not install kexts. Create one Manually on helper partitions 6) install kexts with DD script (selecting system as target) Here I started troubleshooting since I cannot boot from this RAID1 disk. Doing some search found these two threads interesting: 1) [GUIDE] LION on Software RAID0 fully working.. 2) [GUIDE] Chameleon 2 RAID - More complete tutorial I have tried following the recommendations in these two GUIDES (the first references the second). I have gotten to the point were: 1) If I try to boot the RAID1 disk, I get a boot0 done, boot1 error 2) If I try to boot a standard Mountain Lion off of a simple (non RAID) disk, selecting the RAID1 disk from chameleon GUI allows me to boot the RAID1 installed Mountain Lion. I think I am close to it, but still do not know how to do it. Any ideas? EDIT: please note that the RAID1 member partitions are on a GUID partition table (AFAIK I cannot make a RAID on MBR partition table on 10.8.2)
  7. Hello World ! after some successfull installs I have decided it was time to stop lurking and start giving back. I have successfully installed Mountain Lion (ML) in these Mobos: 1) SuperMicro X8DA3 - with Zotac GeForce 210 1GB 2) Asus P5Q SE2 - with PNY NVIDIA 9600 GT 512Mb Both install are based on the excellent job by digital_dreamer. Regarding the SuperMicro X8DA3, the following are my notes (troubleshooting): -) I created the USB boot stick as per instructions on the GUIDE by digital_dreamer -) I could not boot, so I tried setting USB stick as target (in DD script) and install default kexts to it, so I finally got USB stick booting and installing -) after install was finished, I rerun the script (from a real Mac or Hackintosh) and installed bootloader and kexts into final install, -) reboot and restart with newly installed ML Regarding the Asus P5Q SE2, the steps are the same as for SuperMicro, with one additional issue: at one point I had a kernel panic on AppleTyMCEDriver.kext . I removed it from S/L/E and everything is fine now. Both of the installs were after buying Mountain Lion from AppStore. I got an install that included 10.8.2, so some issues were not documented in install guides. Troubleshooting notes: T1) I checked my install now and I do not see the evil* kexts now, but I remember I had the issue of PCI install begin. I bypassed it with the Evil* kexts (from 10.7 folder in DD script). T2) At one point I had an issue with smBIOS ... I googled and it seemed to be due to 10.8.2. I had to remove this kext from FakeSMC. T3) To boot the USB stick I used -x -f as parameter once bootloader started I am now trying to install on a RAID 1 and having trouble, but I will create a new thread for that. Thanks everybody for this great website, and special thanks to digital_dreamer.