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UseKernelCache=Yes causes in no Usb support and PS/2 problems

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Hi guys,


Finally I installed my hackintosh but I still have some problems. I have HP Pavilion DV7-6053er with i7-2630M, 8 Gb of RAM. I wrote my own DSDT to get rid of problems with integrated HD3000 graphics, installed modified kernel to get all 4+4 cores working, applied ssdt for i7, so in general it seems to be ok besides problems with keyboard/touchpad.


I installed VoodoooPS2Controller as well but it has no results. Every time I start system I have no keyboard/touchpad working. And strange thing - I rebuilt kernel cache several times, but loading with UseKernelCache=Yes results in no USB working as well as PS/2.. If I start my system from ML install USB drive created with ###### and provide only one option UseKernelCache=No everything is OK.


Second problem is with sound. Just right after install I used ###### to get things work (VoodooHD .72) and it worked for several reboots! But somehow now it's not functional...


Please, if someone could help be this will be really kind!


(sorry for my English)


I'm not quite sure what should I post here as description of system, could you also guide me?

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