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[Help] Anyone out there willing to help with my DSDT?

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DSDT's are incredibly complicated, at least for me, and yet they're incredibly important for any Hackintosh.


I have an HP m6-1045dx with an Ivy Bridge i5 (3210M), HM77 (Panther Point) chipset, and a couple of DSDT-related issues.


I can adjust brightness via Settings > Displays, however the F2 and F3 action keys for brightness don't do anything... To be clear, it's not a matter of going into keyboard shortcuts, F2 and F3 aren't really the keys, it's set so Fn + F2 = F2 instead of F2 = F2, so the action keys work without Fn. What's more, I don't have the brightness category in keyboard shortcut settings, I know I should, but I don't... Not sure why.


Sleep only works if the laptop is on battery, AC it sleeps and immediately wakes.


Finally, ethernet only works if it's plugged in before boot... Otherwise it gets a 169.254.xx.x IP address and internet just doesn't work.



Honestly I don't really expect much for the last two, primarily I'd like brightness control via F2 and F3.


Any help, even instructions to do it myself, would be greatly appreciated.




Here's a link to my DSDT.aml file- https://www.dropbox.com/s/olaih535vz92pls/DSDT.aml

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Mind sharing all your hardware info?

Can't help with the brightness keys, still looking for a sollution myself, audio, graphics, ethernet etc, i could give a try by dsdt.


For sleep, patch the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, and add a custom SSDT.

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