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SSD maintenance?

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I have bought a brand new samsung 840 series 120gb SSD.I'm very satisfied with it as it boots rapidly and all the system is now much more faster.

In order to extend its lifespan,I've enabled TRIM with trimenabler.Is there anything I can do to extend its lifespan because I have heard that in windows

you should change firefox setting and other optimisations.Are those optimisations necessary in a mac?It's my first SSD and I don't know how to treat it.



Thank you...

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If you have TRIM enabled you should be all set. The only other things you can do (or not do for that matter); you don't need to defrag an SSD and you can try to limit how many times you rewrite to the drive (i.e. don't reinstally the OS every day). Stuff like that will shorten the life as you only have so many rewrites you can do. For the most part though, unless you're doing something insane this shouldn't be an issue. By the time the drive starts to die due to rewrites you'll have upgradded it to something newer, faster, larger and cheaper.

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With all the above said, keep in mind that as your remaining free space gets smaller (as you fill the drive up) your speeds will gradually decline depending on the amount of free space the drive has left to write to. As a general rule to keep things running smooth like butter I normally suggest to keep 25% of the drive free to avoid them beach ballz.



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