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Welcome to the 'Developers Corner'!


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Welcome to the 'Developers Corner' :) - a haven for developers and place to make your life a whole lot easier.

We've talked with a lot of driver and utility developers on this forum who have told us several things that would make their lives a lot easier. First, they need a place to get feedback. Secondly, many have asked for an easy way to notify users of updates. Finally, they've told us that they need an easy way to involve the community either in bug reporting or open source development.

This site, from the very beginning, has supported the work of developers in whatever way we could. Now that we have the forum and technical infrastructure ready, we want to be able to use it for your benefit. Here's how we can help:

1) A dedicated subforum in the 'Developers Corner' for you to use for whatever purposes you like - discussion, bug squashing, etc. Nothing to install, no update headaches - we'll take care of the technical stuff, you use it like you see fit.

2) A great community for discussion, testing, bug squashing, etc.

3) Exclusive access to a developer forum where you can ask questions of the site staff or other developers on how best to maintain your project. (And wise advice is always a good thing...)

4) Increased uploads and PM space (along with a shiny badge), so you can upload and post all your work without having to remove the old.

5) Post news articles to the "Front Page News and Rumors" forum which will be listed on the front page.

6) Full access to post your work in our 'Downloads' section

If you would like to see anything else, please let us know! Contact me via PM if you have any questions.

To start a new thread in these forums, please contact a Supervisor/Administrator.

Credit goes to Swad for the bulk of the post!

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