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Can't change root passowrd


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I'm pretty new to Hackintoshing, and I just got my first install completed. I used Hazard's Snow Leopard ISO, which for some reason had a faulty bootloader, so I used Chameleon in conjunction with it. After everything was installed, I get to the First Setup Wizard, and it hangs after I click continue on the Would you like to transfer your data from another mac screen. So I reboot to Single User, run fsck and mount everything, run touch /var/db(I think this was the directory, it did work)/.AppleSetupDone, and reboot. When it boots up, I realize that there's no user accounts (Silly me), so I boot back into single user, run passwd root, but it doesn't work. Here's the log, or at least what I wrote down


root#: passwd root

Changing password for root.

New Password: (types in new password)

Retype new password: (types in new password)

passwd: Unable to change the password for record root. eDSRecordNotFound


Rebooted not thinking it would work, and it didn't. Help meh if you can





Sidenote: Dunno if this has anything to do with it, but the fsck exits with signal 8 unless I run the boot args with maxmem=4096. I can live with 4GB, so don't bother with that unless it is why passwd is failing. I also tried to use dscl to make an account manually, and if you need me to I can post the logs of various errors it threw at me.


Whoops, don't mind my spelling in the topic name :)

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