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  1. Figured it out, when I was building the computer I guess I wasn't paying attention and plugged the CD drive into my 3rd party SATA controller instead of my chipset controller. Switched it to my chipset controller and all problems solved.
  2. Where would I find that?
  3. One more question, I'm having what is by far the strangest problem I've ever seen. When I boot into OSX, in the middle of booting it ejects my CD drive, and if I push it back in it just ejects it again. Then after 5 minutes or so of being in the OS, it freezes completely, but the CD drive will go in without ejecting. I went into Disk Utility and it even recognizes my drive, model number and everything. I've been dealing with it by just leaving the drive unplugged, but I'd like to get it fixed. Any suggestions?
  4. Got it all worked out. I was right, the motherboard didn't like booting from a GUID drive. I just made a 2GB partition on my MBR drive and threw Chameleon on it. Works perfectly.
  5. I assume "How you did your installation?" was a mistype, lol. And I've so far tried Chimera, Chameleon, and Clover, and none work.
  6. I became frustrated with Hackintoshing awhile ago, but recently switched from AMD to Intel and decided to give it another go. I got Mavericks installed very quickly and smoothly, but my problem is I can't load into the bootloader, it just black screens for a second then loads into my motherboard's UEFI. I have a hunch that my motherboard doesn't like that the drive is GUID instead of MBR, and won't load into it. My specs are i7 4770k Asus Z87-Plus Radeon HD 7870 Thanks in advance.
  7. Network issues

    Nope, same problem, freezes while adding network service
  8. Network issues

    Haider, In my last post, I asked help for changing my root password (which I fixed, I kept forgetting to load DirectoryServices before running passwd root) and now my Ethernet card isn't working.' I have a built in Realtek RTL8111D, and there is no networking icon by the sound in the corner of my screen. Furthermore, when I go to System Preferences and hit the + to add a service, I get the spinning rainbow wheel of death thingy. I have tried 4 Kexts so far (The one that comes with Hazard 10.6.2, the one you get when you search RTL8111D on the OSx86 kext database, Lnx2Mac's modded kext, and the official one that comes with ######) and none of them seem to work. Thanks, Quincy PS. Screen resolution is all screwed up too, if I set the graphics mode to 1920x1080x32 in com.apple.boot.plist it only starts in 1400x1050 instead of 1080p. My GPU is a Radeon HD 5830, and any help here would also be appreciated
  9. Can't change root passowrd

    I already said that doesn't work, it freezes on the third screen
  10. Can't change root passowrd

    Tried that, it says it succeeded, but when I try to login with the new password it says it's wrong.
  11. Haider, I'm pretty new to Hackintoshing, and I just got my first install completed. I used Hazard's Snow Leopard ISO, which for some reason had a faulty bootloader, so I used Chameleon in conjunction with it. After everything was installed, I get to the First Setup Wizard, and it hangs after I click continue on the Would you like to transfer your data from another mac screen. So I reboot to Single User, run fsck and mount everything, run touch /var/db(I think this was the directory, it did work)/.AppleSetupDone, and reboot. When it boots up, I realize that there's no user accounts (Silly me), so I boot back into single user, run passwd root, but it doesn't work. Here's the log, or at least what I wrote down root#: passwd root Changing password for root. New Password: (types in new password) Retype new password: (types in new password) passwd: Unable to change the password for record root. eDSRecordNotFound Rebooted not thinking it would work, and it didn't. Help meh if you can Thanks, Quincy Sidenote: Dunno if this has anything to do with it, but the fsck exits with signal 8 unless I run the boot args with maxmem=4096. I can live with 4GB, so don't bother with that unless it is why passwd is failing. I also tried to use dscl to make an account manually, and if you need me to I can post the logs of various errors it threw at me. Whoops, don't mind my spelling in the topic name