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Everything working except Imovie/Quicktime video


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Hi everyone. I have everything working after many hours of troubleshooting including ethernet, video with QE/CI, sound and pretty much everything else. I used the Boris installer for my x1800xt Sapphire 256MB which works with the VGA running at 1920x1200, however, I'm having a big problem with IMovie and Quicktime video playback. When I play video from either of these apps it either doesn't display any video and has vertical lines, or, there is a Red hue throughout the entire picture.


In esscence, the main reason I built this system was to get better video editing performance than my G4 mini which is a dog at times. Here are my specs:



JAS 10.4.6 running with AMD patches with SSE3 only

Boris installer for Video, forecedeth for Nforce LAN


AMD Athlon 64 3500+ on a Gigabyte GA-K8N sli

Sapphire x1800xt 256MB

1 GB (2x512) Kensington PC3200

Nforce 4 mobo, LAN, etc..


Any ideas out there? I have searched the boards throuroughly but no luck. If I can't run IMovie it pretty much defeats the purpose of building a homebrew for me. I don't want to go out and purchase a new mac.


I'm thinking perhaps it's related to the video driver but not sure.


Thanks in advance.

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My problem is getting message "Something is wrong with the plugin "whatever" x". close the pop-up and another one follows, over and over...Also the preview in my DV camcorder is all screwed up but it captures fine and plays back fine.

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