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Funding the Prizes for the Winners of MacMod of the Year 2012

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PunkNugget and I are considering creating 3 prizes for the winners of MacMod of the year 2012.

So we would have a 1st, a 2nd and 3rd prize consisting of Newegg.com Gift Cards.

PunkNuggethas kindly contributed $90.00.

I contributed $10.00

If anybody else would like to contribute, please PM PunkNugget, he will give you his PayPal details.

Suggestion: once you donate motivate it as a donation to a friend.

Then in the message PayPal lets you send to the receiver, call it: $ XX.XX USD for MacMod of the Month, so that PunkNugget knows why he is receiving any funds to begin with.

All monies will go towards the creation of the above mentioned prizes. Also, in case PunkNugget should be in the top 3, he will give away his prize to a MacMod that he likes.

Thanks in advance to anybody who wishes to contribute, and thanks for having made this project a major success.

You are great, guys :)

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