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iAtkos OSX Lion 10.7.2 on HP Pavilion Elite M9040N


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update: 12/12/12/ - i think i got this at 100%


Hey guys I just installed iAtkos 10.7.2 on a HP Pavilion Elite M9040N and thought I'd share my results with you guys.


FYI I am a complete noob so if i can do it, so can you.


I used iAtkos 10.7.2


what works:

Sound - works but has hissing sound when adjusting volume

video w/ QE/CI - works

sleep - works

restart - works

shut down - works

wifi - works (attached files)

LAN - works

HDMI out - works

USB - works

Firewire - works

keyboard & mouse - works

card reader - works but recognized as usb


processor doesn't display core 2 quad but ill live.




Ok first off I have the Asus IPIBL-LA motherboard with bios 5.07


-go in bios, set sata1 controller mode to AHCI Mode

-Go to power Tab and Enable processor's XD Features

-save and exit

-boot the DVD

-select partition and format Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

-select customize before you install the DVD


This is what i selected:

-Bootloader - chameleon 2.1

Bootloader options - graphics enabler, built-in ethernet

-Patches - FakeSMC, Disabler, RTC, EvOreboot



Sound - VooDooHDA v2.7.3

USB - usb



This is all the things i checked.


After OSX installs, install the attached file


For Wifi:

-extra file.

-Place "RaWLAPI.framework" in Libaray/Frameworks/

-place "RT73USBWirelessDriver.kext" in System/Library/Extensions

-repair permission

-open WirelessUtility.app then search for your wifi.

-add WirelessUtility.app to your apps

-also a good idea to add to Login items. (system preferences, user & groups, click on admin and click on the login items at the top).



None of this is my work. It is just information I found over the internet.


I got it almost at 100% so I thought I'd share so maybe it might help someone out. Good Luck!!


UPDATE: 12/11/12

Installed 10.7.5 update throught software update and everything went smooth. still good. and i think this update fixed my sleep problem?? it started working all of a sudden.


UPDATE: 12/12/12

Fixed LAN, Used hnak's AppleIntelE1000e.kext


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