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    Sleep doesn't work

    Hello, I've been using Mavericks on my system for about a week and it's been very smooth. But one thing I've noticed is that sleep doesn't work. When I choose it, the display just turns off and the system remains on. How do I go about getting sleep functional on my machine? Thank you.
  2. Tengokutosh

    XFX Radeon 6850 loud under idle conditions

    I've changed the SMBIOS to iMac 11,1 but it's still very audible. AppleGraphicsPowerManagement is loaded according to System Info. I'm trying to understand why the card is ignoring the fan settings that I flashed onto it with Radeon BIOS editor, because under load it's a very loud card and highly distracting.
  3. Tengokutosh

    XFX Radeon 6850 loud under idle conditions

    My apologies; I haven't been on this forum in a while. I've put my specs in my signature. I'm currently running OS X 10.9.1, which was installed using myHack. Using Chameleon boot loader with the flags '-f -GraphicsEnabler=No' and I've got full QE/CI going. (transparent nav bar at the top?) Using SMBios personality MacPro3,1 I'm not sure on PM; how can I verify that it's functioning? Thank you.
  4. I've got OS X 10.9 running on my desktop, but I can't quite use it... peacefully. My XFX Radeon HD 6850's (HD-685X-ZNFR) fan makes way too much noise while idling. When I run something GPU intensive I can hear it getting louder and louder. I tried using RBE to manually edit the fan profile, but OS X seems to ignore it upon boot and it doesn't make a difference after flashing. Is there any way to solve this?
  5. Thanks for this post. Worked perfectly on my Pavilion m9040n, too.
  6. I recently installed Lion on my Dell Latitude E6400 (10.7), and I'm having an annoying problem. Randomly, my keyboard and trackpad just stop working, and then I got to do a reboot to fix the issue. My specs are as follows if needed Dell Latitude E6400 Intel Core2 Duo P8600 OSX 10.7 & Windows 8 Dual Boot 4GB DDR2 RAM 160GB HDD BIOS Revision A32 Webcam and Fingerprint Swipe
  7. Does anyone have an answer to why I can't make my Latitude D820's screen to sleep? If I do, it wakes up to a black screen. Sleep mode works, but I cant make my display go to sleep only. Can someone please answer this? I've been looking for an answer for a long time
  8. I've been able to get my sleep mode to work, but I can't get display sleep to work. If the display goes to sleep, the screen wakes up with a black screen, and I have to reboot. Anyone know whats up?
  9. Here I have a Dell Latitude D820 running iATKOS s3 v2 (10.6.3) and I'm having keyboard and mice issues. After about 10 minutes of use on mac, the keyboard and trackpad just seem to turn off, and stop working. I have tried both the Apple ps/2 and voodoo ps/2 kexts with no success. Can anyone help me out here?
  10. Luck hasn't been on my side, since nobody wants to help, so I will ask again. I just want to get OSX working on my Latitude D820 with iATKOS S3 V2, but I'm having issues! 1. Dual core. If I have it on, the computer extremely lags. How do I fix this? 2. The keyboard and trackpad stop working after about 10 minutes of use! I installed the Voodoo PS/2 driver during installation and that's what causing me the issue, but once I try to install the Apple PS/2, I get kernel panic on the first boot. Once again, can someone PLEASE help me?
  11. I got iATKOS S3 V2 installed on my Dell Latitude D820, but I face one problem that's keeping me from using it. The mouse and keyboard, after about 10 minutes, stop working. Like, they turn off. Can't do anything, only way to fix is to reboot. Under the keyboard driver settings on the customize menu during installation, I selected, I think its called Voodoo something. Sorry, cannot remember. This is what's giving the issue, I believe. So then I tried the Apple version, but then after installation, I get kernel panic. (Screen says You need to restart your computer, hold power blah blah.) Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  12. This thread is kinda' old, but I'm in this same situation. Does anyone know what to do?
  13. I've FINALLY gotten iATKOS S3 V2 to boot on my Dell Latitude D820, but I'm having issues. First, dual core. It causes alot of lag, and instability. I can only fix this by disabling the dual core in BIOS. Is there a fix to this? And second, I want to get the 10.6.7 update for my Hackintosh, NOT 10.6.8. Mainly, I want the Mac App Store, lol. But still, is there any way to update to 10.6.7 safely on iATKOS S3 V2? If its needed, my specs are Dell Latitude D820 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M graphics card Intel Core Duo T2400 Processor @1.83 1.83 3GB of RAM And once again, running iATKOS S3 V2 (10.6.3) Help appreciated, thanks!
  14. Alright, I'm a total noob at Hackintosh. I've been trying to run iATKOS S3 V2 on my Latitude D820 for a while. I've been only able to get V7 to run perfectly, but now I wan't to get Snow Leopard up and running here. My specs are: Dell Latitude D820 3GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M Intel Core Duo Processor T2400 @1.83GHz 1.83GHz Dell Truemobile 1490 (Broadcom Wireless 4311) Can someone tell me what options do I check on customize? Thanks!