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Strange Colours on G51J after RMA


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Hi Everyone,


I hope I posted this in the right section.


I'm having a strange issue with my ASUS G51J

I have it running 10.6.8 with DSDT and everything works great.


It had developed a vertical line through the screen and the left side USB port started having some issues so I sent it back to ASUS for service before the warrently was going to run out.

I just got it back, reintegrated all my drives booted into my 3 Operatinjg Systems (Win7/WinXP/OSX) to make sure eveything is working and it is execpt for the colours in OSX are messed up. My greys and reds are pink. This is only the case in OSX, under 7 and XP the colours are perfect.


ASUS replaced the Screen and the Logic Board (not the video card since it's a seperate module)


I'm hoping someone might have a thought or a sugestion.


Thanks! :-)

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