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Need a little help please

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i'm new in mac world and really need to your experience.

i managed to install iAtkos S3V2 on My laptop Dell xps m1530.

so i had have 10.6.3 then i followed some instructions on the internet to upgrade to 10.6.8 so i'm now running Snow leopard 10.6.8 all working just fine except the wireless adapter and Shutdown, restart and sleep as you know.


so my problems are that mentioned above, and i have found this link


which explains how to get shutdown, restart and sleep working, i figured out that i should get the proper DSDT for my laptop then follow the instructions from step four Guided by the post of dorius in this thread



But i don't understand as i can't find this file com.apple.Boot.plist in this path /Extra. i think it located in another location.

And this step .** Under the key "Kernel Flags", add the flag "DropSSDT=Y" (flags are space separated if you already have another flag). i need to know how do i make it correctly


i really hope to get help here

Thanks in Advance.

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com.apple.Boot.plist has a new name since a while org.chameleon.Boot.plist at the same location, Extra folder


DropSSDT=Yes is the correct line ( if you edit the .plist with a plist editor, it is easy)

but if you add this flag you need to have a SSDT.aml file in your Extra folder.

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