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GFX card for UP5 TH

Amit Meena

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yesterday i have ordered a GA-Z77X-UP5 TH and it'll be here tomorrow or day after tomorrow, and before it arrives i need to finalize a GFX card for it, so guyz please suggest me a GFX card for this Rig

and please remember that i want a card which mostly works OOB or if not that than it shouldn't take too much hassle to get working as i had very bad nights to get my earlier cards.


so here is the Rig:


Mobo : GA-Z77X-UP5

CPU : Core i7 3770K

GFX : ???

Display : Apple Cinema Display 27"



Note i need a minimum of one mini display port(or 2) in the Gfx card as the cinema display works only on it otherwise we don't have shops here for those kanex or altona adapters/convertors .


Thank You.

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