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  1. Hello, as the topic says my clover logs are not showing up in console. Its Yosemite here and clover version is r3270 and yes i have installed the rcscripts. Thanx
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    how to get this kind of calendar with geektool ?
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    well i didn't used it in time.....demo expired....don't want to buy it
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    thanx , lets try this
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    don't tell me its Mavericks ?
  6. ALC898 not working in 10.9

    i only needed the HDAEnabler and AppleHDA of yours and they have worked now
  7. ALC898 not working in 10.9

    i copy it manually than run myfix which is a part of myHack
  8. ALC898 not working in 10.9

    i really don't understand anything related to dsdt , like how it works and how to patch it , i'm afraid to do it myself coz one time i messed up things doing it
  9. ALC898 not working in 10.9

    i have tried it but it didn't work are you using any dsdt or just the applehda kext in /s/l/e/ ?
  10. Hello, i tried a fresh install and tried my 10.8.4 kext(working one) but it didn't work any ideas are most welcome . Thank You.
  11. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    is that a song meter ?
  12. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    whats the use of the iTunes meter ?