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Giving more RAM to certain applications?


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Hey guys. I recently installed my first Hackintosh with Mountain Lion on my custom built system with P8P67 B3, i5 2400 and GTX 560Ti, mostly to try out Final Cut Pro and generally MAC OS.


I decided to also install Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing, the program I used with Windows, and I just can't believe it used to work SO much better when I had Windows. I thought it was supposed to be the opposite! However, I did notice it only uses about 500MB out of my 8GB Ram, when on Windows, if I recall correctly, it used at least double. Is there any way I can force my Hackintosh to give Premiere Pro more RAM? Please help me, I really need this :D If I find a way to make it work ok, then I'm totally keeping Mountain Lion.



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Go to Project > Project Settings > General, then look at the video renderer. If it says "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only". This may be the problem. You can enable Cuda hardware support on that card. Not sure how these drivers will work with your apple clone.


In addition, moving your scratch disk off of your startup disk will increase performance. a separate SSD for scratch or two HD in RAID 0 work nicely.


If you were having better performance under windows on the same hardware, it can most definitely be contributed to software rendering. Your GPU is vastly superior to your CPU at rendering. Preview playback rendering and final rendering.


Consider opening Activity Monitor, selecting the memory tab, and processing a decent size HD project. Take some screen shots of Activity Monitor. Post them back.


To answer your question, im not aware of a way to manually adjust memory allocation for individual applications outside of the application. Premiere Pro does a pretty good job of memory allocation from within the application. Under Preferences > Memory it allows you to see how much memory you have on the system and how much to save for other applications. For instance, I have 8GB on my laptop. The default install saves 2GB and gives 6GB to Premiere Pro. This is default. I could nock it down to 1.5 and give PP 6.5GB but that could starve the system itself. I find this most useful when running a job in the background. In that case, I would reserve more memory for other applications so that I can function efficiently.


Good resources:


See: http://www.vidmuze.com/how-to-enable-gpu-cuda-in-adobe-cs6-for-mac/


See: http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/creativesuite/production/cs6/pdfs/adobe-hardware-performance-whitepaper.pdf

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