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Chameleon Triple boot works on primary partition but not on extended partition!?


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Hi Guys,


I am back again with different problem. Now it is about partitions that are working on triple boot.


First I had my acer aspire with stock windows 7 on it, from there I installed mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 to other partition and dual booted with chameleon boot loader successfully.


Now then I installed ubuntu 12.04LTS to unallocated space shrinked from windows 7 in which I created extended partition with "/", "/home" & "/swap" and then installed ubuntu successfully.


From here onwards when I booted from my hard disk the Grub boot loader comes up which was easy to dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu but not OS X. During install I did select Linux root for grub to install.


So now I tried the same thing by deleting extented partitions and creating only one primary partition for "/" root which it helped me in booting all the three OSs from chameleon.As the reason behind is chameleon can only read primary partitions.


However I am happy with it but still I have some strange feeling that I may get any problems in future with physical memory or any other issues in Ubuntu.As if I may go for installing some high end design applications to use in future without making any "/swap"or "/home" partitions.


So Im just wondering is there any solution to get out of it like changing bootloaders which are able to read extended partitions or linking bootloaders etc. At the same time I don't want to use Grub as my boot loader.It has boring design.


Chameleon has got best themes.


Any help?.


Thanks in advance.

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