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[PROBLEM] Audio, Video and Much More


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Hello everyone :)


I just installed iDeneb 10.5.5 on my PC. After a few tries i finally did it, but as always, with every success there come problems.

I'll list them just for being fast:


1. Video i laggy, when i try to move windows around the desktop it seems like when you're on WinXP and you didn't install video drivers (NVidia 9800, when asked in the iDeneb installation i decided to install ALL of the given drivers, since i didn't know which was the one for my card)

2. Audio is not working, i'm sure i use AC'97 on windows, so i installed them with iDeneb,but nothing, audio doesn't work

3. PS2 Keyboard is not being detected, i'm using a USB one i use on another computer, but it's laggy. Sometimes a few letters are "left behind"

4. I'd like to update with iDeneb Combo Updater 10.5.8, but can't find anywhere, anyone can give me some hints? :)

5. Is there a way to update to a higher version of OS? (Maybe Snow Leopard, you know, compatibility)

6. Since i have an AMD Phenom X4, how do i know if the system is working with all the cores or is using only one?


I got many other questions, but i'd like to know these stuff first :) Thanks for the attention :)



EDIT: I forgot to say i'm using Qzoop Kernel (or something like that it was...don't really remember)

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For audio try VodooHDA.kext.


With modded Kernel is possible install Snow Leopard.


Don't install any video driver but enable GraphicsEnabler in com.apple.boot.plist


Actually is difficult find Combo Updater 10.5.8

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