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Third Party Mac/Hackintosh Keyboard and Mouse

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I know this does not deal with internal hardware of a Hackintosh, but my parts list is finalized and I'm ready to order all the components, so I need to shift my focus over to the mouse and keyboard. I would get the actual Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse, but I don't want to drop $140 just for a keyboard and mouse. Basically, what do you guys use besides the actual Apple accessories. I'm talking third party. Hopefully this will help me decide! Btw, I don't want to spend that much, I'm on a tight budget!



P.S. If this was posted in the wrong place I'm sorry

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As far as keyboards go, there may be some value in getting a keyboard meant for Macs rather than PCs. The issues here are minor but may be of some annoyance. The standard PC keyboard has the left command key to the left of the option key. I use a kernel extension to reverse the command and option keys but on my keyboard the two keys are of different sizes so it's not possible to physical switch the keycaps to make the labels match their functions. Also, the insert key on a PC keyboard is mapped to the help key in OS X, which is a completely useless key. I use the same kernel extension to map the help key to the eject key, which PC keyboards lack. These issues can be avoided by using a Mac-specific keyboard.

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