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Problems in Mountain Lion when installing a new 2TB Sata3 HDD

Mich Golden

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Hi dear,

this is the first time that I have to open a post because everytime I found a problem installing Hackintosh I found the solution on the forum... but this time I couldn't find it so I decided to open a new topic.

First of all, my system is the following:

Mobo: Asus P5Q3 Deluxe

Processor: Intel Quad Core 8200

Ram installed: 4 GB DDR3 PC1333

VGA: Geforce 9500 GT

I have a Sata2 HDD with 1TB capacity where I installed my Mountain Lion with Unibest/Multibest (latest version) without any problem. All seems to work properly... I only had to look for a driver for the network but this issue was easyly solved.

Recently I bought a new Seagate hard disk to storage stuff because I was using until now lot of external HDD. The capacity for this new one is 2TB and the transfer connection is Sata3. The BIOS detects it correctly, I can format it with Disk utility in my Hack and all seems to work ok but this new HDD is causing problems everytime I try to copy or move stuff over it. In some cases the problem is "-50 error" but most of the times is "-36 error". Both are refered to problems with read/write data or Hdd access.

The first think I though is about a hardware problem, so I did some tryouts:

1) Format the new HDD in NTFS and run windows and Ubuntu on this machine and try to copy data over it: RESULT OK.

2) Put the new HDD into a "External sata-usb" case and connects it to my Macbook pro. Format and try to copy stuff from my macbook to the HDD: RESULT OK.

3) By using the external case, format in the Macbook Pro, and connects the hdd directly to my mobo and try to copy stuff on it: RESULT NOK.

4) By using the external case, format in the Macbook Pro, and connects the hdd using the USB case to my Hack and try to copy stuff on it: RESULT NOK.

5) The same tryouts using an older installation of "Snow Leopard" reports the same read/write errors.

I think that there aren't hardware problems on my hack and new HDD... at least... it looks like.

Do you know some problems or issues about using 2TB Sata3 with Hackintosh? In a native MAcbook pro there is no problem to use with... :(

Waiting here from you guys!! Thanks in advance.

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there should be 4 jumper pins on the back allowing you to use a jumper and manually force it to run in SATA 2 mode which will eliminate any auto negotiation issue with the controller

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Hi eep537,


first of all, thank you for your quick reply. I've just made the try now with the jumper and the problems comes again when I tried to copy gbs of stuff on the disco.


I've tried with the direct sata connection to the mobo and also with the USB external case. Both tryouts failed.


I've tried also by formatting the disk on Mountain Lion (hack) and Snow Leopard (Native macbook). Maybe this tryout seems stupid but it failed also... so... is it possible that I'm not injecting a kext that is required for get better performance on AHCI mode of my SATA controller???


I don't know what to do...


Help please, thanks in advance.


P.S.: Is possible to check if the trick of the jumper is setting correctly into SATA II transfer speed?

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