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Photoshop Hackintosh BuyList suggestions

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Hello insanely mac users!

after 4 years of high times i need to move on with my old Hackintosh (lovely q9550)


So i have outlined few scenarious from my daily work, and this is the constraints i should respect.

Budget is not a problem, but i honesty don't need the super duper 30000+ geekbenchmark start.



- have a Gigabyte motherboard (find myself happy of that on the previous one, it's easy to find in my local dealers)

- sleep working

- 16gb of ram



My random ideas on it:


- i'm not a ssd-hype fan, but if it's easy to realize i'd love to try the caching ssd system (128gb should be enought). I don't understand at all if the caching on ssd can be realize automaticly (as the fusion drive) or must be a way of use (os and working file on ssd, everything else on the second hd).

- i DON'T need a hi-level graphic card. I do 2d only, and when it turns to 3d my actual 9800gt is pretty enough. I'm not even a gamer. Photoshop takes advance of the graphic card for filters and zoom operations. A middle range graphic card should be ok.

- i would focus on finding out the right combination of cpu-bus speed-ram clock.

- i'd like to get into a future upgradable architecture. When i built my old quad machine i did the mistakes of choosing quad instead of i7 architecture. and it blocked me in future upgrade.

- connection goes on lan. No bluetooth/wifi/etc

- i would love to have audio available both on the back and frontal of the case. (read all the audio output of the motherboard should works)

- i do really need a stable configuration rather than an high performance one.



Looking forward to your suggestions



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    • AFAIK, the THB_C header on the motherboard has nothing to do with USB. It's a GPIO, though its use is undocumented.   On Gigabyte and ASRock at least, if you do not connect the THB header, then the TB card won't activate at all, and the BIOS will not show a Thunderbolt entry...   I'm rather amazed that it would work for you in macOS, I'm 99.99% sure your TB is now broken in windows however (and the TB card won't even appear)...   I'm on a different problem now, since I added a 2nd nvidia 1080Ti, just having the TB SSDT causes a kernel panic at boot
    • Why is it im getting Kermel panic if i use Clover's ACPI>DSDT>Fixes>FakeLPC
    • Allan are you still there
    • SUCCESS!!! Finally all my THUNDERBOLT devices are hotpluggable!!   The solution is unbelievable, seems to work on all chipsets without using SSDT, and shifts the focus on the cause of all problems Thunderbolt: the cable THB_C!! Already in my previous post I noticed strange behavior by inserting the _DSM method in DSB2: PCIHotplugcapable Zero.
      Since then I've been trying to figure out how the XHC controller affected the Thunderbolt hotplug, until Crismac2013 suggested I disconnect the THB_C cable from the motherboard.
      Once disconnected, it was enough to add as an arbitrary inject my first Thunderbolt address (PXSX): <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>PCI THUNDERBOLT 15d3 first entry</string> <key>CustomProperties</key> <array> <dict> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>Key</key> <string>PCI-Thunderbolt</string> <key>Value</key> <integer>1</integer> </dict> <dict> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>Key</key> <string>IOName</string> <key>Value</key> <string>pci-bridge</string> </dict> </array> <key>PciAddr</key> <string>01:00.00</string> </dict> and it works!! Now I have also added my last SSDT to get PCI information on System info.
      I suspect, however, that in this way the USB-C functionality will be lost, you should do a test!
      In any case this is a huge step forward and makes it obvious that we need to work on XHCs controller to solve the problems with the hotplug with THB_C cable connected.  
    • Normal, rotational hard drives doesn't have attributes for life... (not even all ssds have it).